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A student who plans to enroll in an approved degree or certificate program at SUNY Orange must apply and be admitted to the College. Admission is open to all applicants who are graduates of an accredited high school or recipients of a state high school equivalency diploma may qualify for admission into the 24 College Credit Hour Program or apply to take their G.E.D. through the Office of Continuing and Professional Education.

Students previously admitted to the college who have not attended for two or more semesters must apply for readmission.

Contact the Office of Admissions for applications for admission and readmission at (845) 341-4030.

Contact the Office of Continuing and Professional Education for information for obtaining a G.E.D. at (845) 341-4890.

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All degree-seeking students must obtain approval from an academic advisor either in their department or in the Advising and Counseling Center prior to registering for classes.


Attendance is required in all courses. Work missed during any period of absence, regardless of the reason for the absence, must be made up by the student (see course syllabi for details). Instructors are authorized to lower grades for class absences and may withdraw students from non-developmental courses for excessive absences.

Instructors shall not lower grades for absences for religious observance nor, provided the instructor's permission is given in advance, for participation in athletics or other college-sponsored events.

If illness, accident or similar circumstances make it impossible for a student to attend classes for three or more consecutive days, it is his or her responsibility to notify the Office of Records and Registration at once. The Records and Registration Office will, in turn, notify each instructor. However, it is the student's responsibility to contact each instructor to make up missed work.

Current or future awards of financial aid may be affected if a student does not attend classes for which he or she is registered.

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Audit of Course

Students who do not wish to earn credit or a grade should complete a special permission form available at the Records and Registration Office in Middletown or Student Services Central in Newburgh when they register for courses. Students may, however, change status from audit to credit or vice versa, if they file the special permission card by the end of the third week of classes (or its equivalent). Some courses, such as Nursing, are not subject to audit.

Those students who are receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office before registering for or changing to audit status.

Instructors are not required to evaluate the work of audit students.

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Certifications of Enrollment/Attendance or Certifications of Full-Time/Part-Time Status

Effective Fall 2012 Enrollment Certification of Full-Time/Part Time status will be available through the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service Program. Student will securely and seamlessly be brought to the Clearinghouse Self-Service site by signing into MySunyOrange. Advanced Registration Certificates, Current Enrollment Certificates and Past Enrollment Certificates will be available for students to print.

To certify enrollment, tuition and fees must be paid and all holds must be cleared from the student's records.

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College Closings and Delays

Announcements of College closings and delays are carried on area radio stations, posted on the College website, the College Facebook page, the College Twitter feed and available by calling (845) 344-6222. Students may also sign-up for email notifications of College closings.

Classes at off-campus high school locations (Monroe Woodbury High School, Port Jervis High School, and Warwick Valley High School) will be cancelled if on-campus classes do not meet; if SUNY Orange does not cancel evening classes as a result of inclement weather, evening classes held at off-campus locations will follow that High School's inclement weather closing announcement.

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Course Placement Test

First-time college students admitted to SUNY Orange must complete a required Placement Test to determine skill levels in reading, writing and mathematics prior to their first registration. A photo ID is required and there is a $25 non-refundable fee charged for the test.

A waiver from the English portion of the Placement Test is granted to new students who can document their completion of Freshman English 1 with a grade of C or better. A waiver from the math portion of the Placement Test is granted for completion of a college-level math with a grade of C or better. A waiver of the placement test does not guarantee transferability of the credits.

For a current test schedule and/or complete details on the waiver policy, please visit the Admissions Website or call Middletown at (845)-341-4030 or Newburgh, Student Services Cectral at (845) 341-9502

Note: Students enrolled in the 24 credit hour program who are seeking financial aid are required to take this test in order to satisfy the Title IV Ability to Benefit requirements.

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Office of Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) provides support services, information and guidance to students with disabilities who are attending or plan to attend SUNY Orange. Services are coordinated for individuals with disabilities including, but not limited to, those with physical, learning, mental health, chronic health, or sensory related disabilities. Once students have self-indentified, applied for services, and provided documentation of their disability, our staff works to determine eligibility for reasonable accommodations. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), both the student and the college must carry out these responsibilities in a timely manner. The Office of Disability Services also acts as a liaison between the student, faculty and staff.

The Office of Accessibility Services is an official New York State Voter Registration site. Individuals who visit our office are given the opportunity to register as NYS voters. Assistance is available to complete the registration.

The OAS office is located in Room 348, Shepard Student Center at the Middletown Campus; (845) 341-4077. At the Newburgh Campus services are available at Kaplan Hall, Student Services Central, Room 110 or by calling (845) 341-9034.

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Final Examination Policy and Last Day of Classes

Final examinations are not required in all courses. In the Fall semester, for the mandatory fifteenth week, and in the Spring semester during the optional sixteenth week, a special schedule is developed for the day classes to accommodate those classes which will give a comprehensive final examination. Final examinations will not necessarily be held on the same day or at the same time, during the Fall/Spring semesters, as the regularly scheduled course. The special schedule for final examinations of day classes is developed and distributed by the director of academic services at the tenth week of the semester. Examinations for evening classes are usually held in the last week, the same day of the week and at the same time of day, during the fall/spring semesters, as the regularly scheduled course. See the academic calendar for the dates for final examinations.

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Financial Aid

All degree-seeking students enrolled in approved programs are eligible for financial aid consideration. All enrolled courses must apply to you major\degree. Students requesting aid must complete the FAFSA (Free application for Federal Student Aid) once each academic year (2012- 2013).

**Do not go to as this site charges a fee and is NOT recommended by the federal government or SUNYOrange.

Upon submission of a completed FAFSA, a student who is a resident of NY State should use the link to NY State found on the confirmation page to complete the TAP web application.

To avoid delays and to ensure having financial aid available to assist with payment of tuition and fees, students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as early as possible. Please note being in attendance in all enrolled course(s) is imperative. Non attendance in one or all of your classes can negatively impact your eligibility for financial aid.

New students must have a final, official high school transcript or official GED Score Report on file with the Admissions Office before any financial aid is awarded.

For complete information on aid programs contact the Financial Aid Office in Middletown at (845) 341-4190 or in Newburgh at Student Services Central at (845) 341- 9502.

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Fresh Start Policy

This policy is intended to provide a "fresh start" for students with poor grades who either want to change to a new program, or, having been away from the College for at least one year, want to resume their original plan of study. Please note that this application will not be reviewed until at least four (4) weeks into the returning semester.

An eligible student will have his or her CQPA re-computed by excluding final grades earned in courses taken at SUNY Orange that are not explicitly required in the student's intended degree or certificate program. The student may apply for this fresh start opportunity at any time during her or his career. However, a Fresh Start will be awarded only once. If the application is denied by the Registrar, a written appeal may be made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Application of the Fresh Start Policy means:

  • Grades will be omitted from the recalculation of a CQPA until the CQPA is 2.0 or the smallest possible number above 2.0. However, the original grade remains on the transcript.
  • Courses and grades omitted from the re-calculation will be identified on the transcript by an "X" symbol printed in front of the recalculated course(s).

To be eligible for a fresh start, a student must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Be matriculated in a registered degree or certificate program at the College.
  • Have changed curriculum, or have been out of the College for at least one calendar year.
  • Have a CQPA lower than 2.0 at the time of the request.
  • Acknowledge in writing the restrictions of this policy.
  • Not have had any courses "discounted" under the previous policy.

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Honors Program

The Honors Program has been developed to offer highly motivated and talented students an opportunity to develop their potential more fully as they study for the Associate degree. Honors courses will offer enrichment through alternative texts, outside readings, research projects, and abstract concept development beyond the traditional course section. Honors sections of courses are identified by the letter "H" at the end of the course number code in the Schedule of Courses. For more information on the program and eligibility rules, contact the Honors Coordinator at (845) 341-4004.

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New York State law requires that all students born on or after January 1, 1957 who wish to enroll for six (6) credits or more in any semester provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella (Immunization Information).

In addition, all students, regardless of age, must sign and return the Meningitis Response Form available at or in the Health Services Office.

Immunization Forms must be on file in the Wellness Center prior to registration.

For questions related to immunization requirements and acceptable documentation contact the Wellness Center at (845) 341-4870.

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Make-Up of Classes Cancelled due to Inclement Weather

Evening classes canceled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled. Students will be advised by the instructor of the time and day of these sessions. Generally, a make-up session is held on the Friday evening of the next week.

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Maximum Credit Load

In general, students may schedule their classes in the day or evening, or both, in accordance with their particular needs. To register for 20 or more credits in a semester, or 9 or more credits in a summer session, the permission of the appropriate Associate Vice President is required. Twelve or more credits in a semester constitutes a full-time course load; one-half credit to 11.5 credits is designated as part-time study.

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A $50.00 non-refundable tuition deposit is required of all students, including Financial Aid applicants/recipients. You $50.00 tuition deposit is a valid commitment of your intent to attend SUNY Orange. All students are encouraged to pay the required deposit at the time of registration.  Students who fail to pay their tuition deposit are subject to course deletion. For the tuition deposit dates/deletion schedule, please visit the following link:

* New Course Schedules due to deletion are subject to seat availability


For payment dates please refer to the Registration Schedules. For Tuition and Fees, and refund schedule please refer to the Course Schedules web page.

Payments options include cash, money order, check, or credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card, finalized financial aid, third-party contracts, or the TuitionSelect plan. For your convenience, payment by credit card may also be made on-line at the following On-line payment!† link. Please note Student Services Central does not accept any payments, including credit cards, by telephone.

The TuitionSelect Payment Plan enables students to pay their tuition and fees in monthly installments. Students must enroll in the Payment Plan directly with TuitionSelect.  TuitionSelect enrollment cannot be set-up at the school.

An enrollment fee is required. For enrollment dates please refer to Payment Options.

Please note that the payment plan is not available during the summer sessions.

To qualify for NY resident tuition rates a student must have maintained a legal residence in NY State for one year and in the county for six months immediately preceding the first day of the semester. All NY State residents, who do not complete the residence requirement, will be charged as a non-resident. Proof of residence must be submitted annually.

Students who register for classes but who fail to complete the payment process or attend classes, will incur a tuition liability if they do not withdraw (by completing and processing a drop form with Student Services Central) before the start date of the semester.

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A prerequisite course is one that prepares a student for advanced courses in an academic field. Prerequisites may be waived or substituted at the discretion of the appropriate department chair. A signed waiver form must be filed with the Records and Registration Office.

Note: Course prerequisites are listed in the course catalog and sometimes as a special notation listed with a course in this bulletin. A student without the appropriate prerequisite or waiver can be withdrawn from the course by the instructor.

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Repeating a Course

A repeated course is automatically identified by the computer system. The grade and credits earned in the final attempt are calculated in the student's academic average. All grades remain on the academic record. Students who receive financial aid should check with the Financial Aid Office before repeating a course in which a D or better grade was earned. Note: Students in Health Profession programs who wish to repeat a professional course must receive approval from the department chair and file a special permission card with the advisor.

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Students who have unmet financial obligations to the College or who have failed to comply with college requirements, such as proof of immunization, will not be permitted to register, receive or send transcripts, or provide proof of enrollment to other agencies/institutions until the hold is cleared with the issuing office. In addition, all information relating to student records will be withheld in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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Student ID and Parking Permit

Students can update their ID or campus parking permit by presenting their paid receipt at the Student Activities Office, which is located on the 1st floor of the Shepard Student Center at the Middletown Campus or at the Newburgh Campus on the 1st Floor Security desk in Kaplan Hall.

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Visiting Students

SUNY Orange welcomes students from other colleges and universities who wish to enroll in credit courses. Visiting students hoping to transfer credits to their home institution should seek approval from their home institution prior to registering. Visiting students who need help with their course selection should call or visit the Advising and Counseling Center in Middletown or Student Services Central in Newburgh.

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Withdrawal from Non-Developmental Courses

During the semester, a student may withdraw from a course by completing a withdrawal (drop) form that is available at the Records and Registration Office with an advisor's signature. No record of the course appears on the student's transcript if the course is dropped by specific dates (See Academic Calendar). Thereafter, a grade of "W" is recorded. From these dates forward, the student would need to do an Official Withdrawal by the appropriate deadlines (see Official Withdrawal from College section) or the instructor may initiate an Instructor Withdrawal.

An instructor is not required to do an Instructor Withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed by the Records and Registration Office in Middletown or Student Service Central in Newburgh the day of receipt. Please keep this in mind since refunds are generated from the processing date.

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Withdrawal from Developmental Courses

Students who are required to enroll in developmental courses must remain enrolled in them throughout the semester. A student may request permission to withdraw and must acquire signature approval from the appropriate administrator (Associate Vice President, Coordinator of Learning Assistance Services or the Registrar) their Advisor and the Instructor in order to drop the course(s). Absence from class is not a sufficient reason when seeking permission to withdraw from a required developmental course. Students who are not required to enroll in developmental courses and choose to do so may withdraw with the signature of an Advisor. (See catalog for Learning Assistance Services/Developmental Education)

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Official Withdrawal from the College

A student may withdraw from the College and from all current semester courses, including developmental, if he or she does so by the deadline below. The student should discuss the decision with his or her advisor prior to withdrawal.

The student must complete the Total Withdrawal from College Form and the Drop/Add Form with appropriate signatures by the dates noted on the Academic Calendar. Exit interviews with Counseling Center staff members are required for all admitted (matriculated) students. Students who receive any form of financial aid are required to obtain a financial aid officer's signature. Non-Degree seeking students should complete and file the forms with Records and Registration in Middletown or at Student Services Central in Newburgh.

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Withdrawal and Financial Aid Awards

Financial Aid students who withdraw or stop attending the college during the semester may have their current financial aid adjusted.  Check with the Financial Aid Office regarding future aid eligibility.

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