Important Notes Regarding the Health Professions Programs

  • New (Freshman and Transfer) and Returning (Readmit) applicants must also complete an application to the college.

  • All students must submit a Health Profession application each year they wish to be considered for admission into a Health Professions program.

  • All students must complete a Pre-Admission Seminar and submit Observation Forms and essay (when applicable)
    • All pre-admission seminars, observations and essays are valid for 3 years.
    • All Health Profession documentation must be submitted to Student Services Central
  • Students can ONLY submit a Health Profession application for one Fall Health Professions program. Students interested in Nursing must choose either Day or Evening.

  • All admission requirements must be complete and submitted by:

    • Fall Programs: February 1st
    • Newburgh Spring Nursing: October 1st
    • Newburgh LPN to RN Program: June 1st
    • Middletown LPN to RN Program: October 1st
  • Once accepted, students must complete a physical examination which includes a Tuberculosis screening and drug test. Students must also complete a criminal background check.

  • Please note: All clinical and professional courses in the Health Professions programs meet during the day with the exception of Evening Nursing (4-10pm).

All Health Professions programs are competitive and have a limited number of seats

***Please note: Admission and department requirements are subject to change each academic year. Although students may meet the requirements for a Health Professions program, admission is not guaranteed.***

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