Welcome to Alumni and Community Engagement

Orange County Community College enjoys a reputation of excellence in both academic and professional areas.  Much of this recognition is directly linked to the caliber of our alumni, who have gone on to achieve distinction in their chosen fields.

Alumni play an important role in the College’s success even after they have left our Middletown and Newburgh campuses. Alumni can support SUNY Orange in many ways, including donations or sponsorships, attendance at events, or mentoring of current students.

  • Sign-up to Volunteer: Volunteer to take part in the our Alumni community, either at our events, or through mentoring, hosting events or speaking about SUNY Orange.
  • How to contribute through the SUNY Orange Foundation: With your help, SUNY Orange students will continue to play a significant role in providing opportunities for Orange County students.
  • Scholarships: See how your contributions are empowering student success by furthering scholarship opportunities to ensure that coursework - not finances - is the primary focus for our students throughout their education, and that talented students reach their full potential at SUNY Orange and beyond.

There are many reasons to be a proud graduate of Orange County Community College.  Two statistics about the College that our faculty and staff often reference are:

  • Among the 34 New York community colleges, Orange County Community College graduates rank first in their academic success and persistence rates as they continue their education at senior colleges and universities.
  • Among all 64 campuses in the State University of New York, Orange County Community College is ranked last in grade inflation.  That is the college administers fewer A’s and B’s than any of our sister campuses within the University. 

It is our belief that these two points are closely related to each other and are further evidence that Orange County Community College alumni should take great pride in their education.