A.A.S. Degree in Accounting

Program Description:

The Associates in Applied Science degree program is a two year degree that can get you started as a full-charge bookkeeper or junior accountant. You'll learn the basics of financial accounting and real world accounting practice from a faculty of experienced professionals. Your skills will be extended to tax preparation and information technology using the most recent accounting and business information software.

Upon completion of their degree, students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the accounting cycle, including preparation of financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • demonstrate analytical skills through finding, extracting and evaluating financial information to make sound business decisions.
  • create and edit Excel spreadsheets to solve various accounting problems.
  • research answers to accounting problems using a research database (FARS).
  • explain the purpose and responsibilities of the professional accountant in the business community.
  • express business information effectively in both oral and written form.
  • learn critical thinking skills through an analytical business report project.

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 101 Freshman English 1 3
MAT ___ Mathematics 3
BUS 101 Business Math 3
BUS 103 Introduction to Business 3
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 4
OFT 106 Keyboarding* 1

Second Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 102 Freshman English 2 3
MAT ___ Mathematics 3
BUS 161 Computer Applications for Business*** 3
BUS 105 Business & Security 3
ACC 102 Accounting Principles II 4


Course Number Course Name Credits
____ Social Science Elective 3
BUS 201 Business Law 1 3
BUS 203 Business Communications 3
ACC 211 Income Tax Procedures 3
ACC 205 Accounting with Microcomputer Applications 3

Fourth Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
____ Social Science Elective 3
BUS 202 Business Law 2 3
ACC 214 Accounting Practice** 4
____ Liberal Arts Elective 3
ACC 111 Personal Finance or  
ACC 220 Accounting Internship 3

* Students with sufficient keyboarding ability who pass the keyboarding waiver exam will fulfill this requirement; they do not need to replace the 1 credit.
** Students must achieve a grade of C or better to gradute from this program
*** formerly CIT 101 Microcomputer Applications.

For a complete description of this degree and the individual courses, please refer to the College Catalog.