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I8442 - A+ PC Service Technician

​At SUNY Orange ​you will receive expert training from a certified instructor​ who has years of experience ​in the field. Through a combination of 84 hours of lectures, presentations and hands-on lab exercises you will utilize our new A+ hardware kits, learn advanced hardware/software installation and configuration concepts. ​The curriculum will prepare you to take certification exams to obtain COMPTIA Certification.

Topics include: safety, power supplies, motherboards, CPU's, BIOS, memory, cables and buses, drives, storage, portable computers, troubleshooting techniques, printers, OS installation and configuration, upgrading and basic networking concepts. Windows OS and software, Linux, Novell, Mac OS, security and VM will be covered.

Prerequisite: PC knowledge, Windows, Internet, or equivalent knowledge. Purchase of textbook required. 28 sessions