Distinguished Lectures

The Shep and Edna Pryluck Distinguished Lecture Series

PryluckThe community has always been an important part of the lives of Shep and Edna Pryluck. As owners of Pryluck's Pharmacy in Middletown, they came to know generations of families. Their contribution to Orange County Community College is symbolic of their continued commitment to the community. Their gift to the SUNY Orange Foundation has created a permanent endowment so that the College can host a Distinguished Lecture Series. The Prylucks have also endowed a scholarship which is designed to benefit students demonstrating financial need and studying in the College's nursing program.

Previous Distinguished Lectures

Dr. Douglas Tallamy (Pryluck Lecturer)
Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware.
October 2, 2010: "Bringing Home Nature”
Les Jauron (Pryluck Lecturer)
Vice President of Planning and Information, Butte College (Calif.)
April 14, 2009: "Greening Commuinty Colleges "
Angela Sportelli-Rehak (Pryluck Lecturer)
Author of children's book for military families and psychology instructor.
April 6, 2005: "When Duty Calls"
Diana J. Mason, RN, PhD, FAAN (Pryluck Lecturer)
Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Nursing
Monday, April 26 2004: Issues in the dissemination of health care research
Jane Hettrick, DMA (Pryluck Lecturer)
Internationally recognized authority on the music of Antonia salieri and a concert organist.
Thursday, March 13, 2003: Amadeus Revisited: Did Salieri Murder Mozart or Did Mozart Slay Salieri?
Mr. Henry Holden (Pryluck Lecturer)
Stand-up comic, Broadway, television and film actor, lecturer and activist for the rights of the disabled.
April 22, 2002: The Misconceptions Continue: How The Media Represents People With Disabilities
Mr. Todd Brewster (Pryluck Lecturer)
Senior editorial producer, ABC-TV's The Century
October 19, 2000: The Next Century: Lessons from the last.
Dr. Margaret Washington (Pryluck Lecturer)
Associate Professor of History - Cornell University
October 27, 1999: Sojourner Truth: Writing the Life of a Legend
Dr. Alan B. Kuper
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Case Western Reserve University
April 1997: Overpopulation: The World's Greatest dilemma
Mr. John Keegan
Vassar College's Delmas Visiting Distinguished Professor of History
December 3, 1997: War and Human nature: The Conflict Within
Dr. William H. McNeill
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Chicago
April 1996: Plagues and Peoples: The effects of Human Disease on World History
Mr. Roger Ricklefs
Small Business and Management Editor of the Wall Street Journal
April 3, 1995: Small Business Outlook: Prospects and Pitfalls
Mary Lyndon Shanley
Professor of Political Science, Vassar College
October 1995: Women in Society: The Legacy of the Suffrage Movement
Mr. Peter Francese
President and Founder of American Demographics, Inc.
April 5, 1994: Edge City: The Future of Orange County
Dr. Michael J. Sandel (Jonas Lecturer)
Professor of Government, Harvard University
October 28, 1994: Democracy and Its Discontents
Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg
November 1993: Aspects of Space Flight
Dr. Eileen Leonard
Professor of Sociology, Vassar College
April 1993: Women and Technology: The Myth of Progress
Mr. David J. Garrow (Jonas Lecturer)
Fellow of the Twentieth Century Fund, Visiting Distinguished Professor of History, The Cooper Union
November 1993: Let Freedom Ring: The Evolution of Civil Rights in America
Ms. Mary Beth Norton (Jonas Lecturer)
Professor of American History, Cornell University
November 1992: The Curious Incident of the Gossiping Ladies
Mr. James A. Bill
Professor of Government, The College of William and Mary
April 1991: The Politics of War and Peace in the Persian Gulf
Mr. James M. McPherson (Jonas Lecturer)
Professor of American History, Princeton University
October 1991: The Civil War: Why Lincoln Won and the South Lost
Mr. Peter H. juviler
Professor of Political Science, Barnard College
April 1990: USSR in crisis: The Promise Land of Human Rights
Mr. Walter A. McDougal (Jonas Lecturer)
Professor of American History, Princeton University
October 1990: The New Europe: Struggle for the Future
Dr. Kenneth T. Jackson (Jonas Lecturer)
Mellon Professor of History, Columbia University
October 1988: Metropolitan Sprawl
Mr. Robert Kuttner
Financial Journalist
April 1982: The U.S. Economy: Realities and Illusions

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