Honors Lounges and Study Areas (Middletown & Newburgh Campus)

Located in the historical Morrison Mansion, Honors students have a lounge to relax in, study areas with computers, and convenient access to the Program Coordinator whose office adjoins the space. The lounge affords students the opportunity to socialize, study or just hang out and fosters a developing sense of community.

The Honors program also has a prominent presence at the Newburgh Campus.

Activities and Offerings

Each year, the program adds new activities and events to enrich the students' learning experiences. They also run a variety of academic and social opportunities:

Orientation| Peer Tutoring
Guest Speakers | Breakfast with the President

Honors OrientationHonors Student Orientation

This special afternoon, held just after the College's Fall orientation, kicks off the academic year. Students gather for lunch, introductions and R.O.P.E.S. (team building / leadership / trust) activities. New students ask questions while returning students share their experiences and observations. Honors faculty as well as the college president and vice presidents drop in for lunch and conversations.

Peer Tutoring

One of the Honors best features is the Honors Peer Tutoring Program. Students who struggle in a particular subject are paired with other Honors students who excel and, in turn, help others in areas where they are strong. Students that participate in the Peer Tutoring Program with have the opportunity to develop relationships with their fellow peers, receive one on one help and learn the skill and fulfillment of being a peer tutor.

Guest Speakers

The Honors Program co-sponsors guest speakers of interest to the students, the campus and the community at large throughout the fall and spring semesters. They may be local politicians, academicians, sports commentators, businessmen and others. Speakers are encouraged to hold master classes, spending time with students in more intimate and focused classroom settings.

Breakfast with the presidentBreakfast with the President

The academic year culminates with a breakfast for Honors students, hosted by the college president. Students review the year, offer course suggestions, propose events or changes and provide observations. All students achievements, including graduation from the program, are recognized at the Breakfast. In addition, Honors Program graduation stole and pins will be distributed to those students who will be graduating from SUNY Orange.