Is there a separate application?
Yes, please visit the Honors Admissions page.


Does this cost anything?
No, we do not charge for this program.


Can I apply if I’m a part-time student?


Can I join the program if I’m only staying for one semester or one year?
Yes, many of our students come for a semester or a year while waiting to transfer to another school. This allows them to maintain high academic standards and get a jump start on those courses needed for any first-semester or first-year college student.


Do you have scholarship opportunities?
Yes, eligible incoming high school students can apply to the President’s and James Ottaway, Jr. Honors Program Scholarships.


Is the program more work?
Unlike some AP or high school honors classes, our program is NOT meant to be more work, but different work. We don’t stress an increased work load strictly for work’s sake. Rather, we provide different work meant to stimulate the academic experience and involve the student in his/her own learning process.


Why should I join?
The focus on academics and skills everyone wants to see are reasons. Another is the sense of community that students in the program develop with one another; they feel connected to each other and the college. Also, our students are developing a portfolio of activities that show what they have to offer four-year schools. They interact with the college’s administrators and receive opportunities to be part of special events and activities on and off campus. The majority of our graduates are at their first-choice schools, many with solid scholarships. The Honors Program can also help with getting into top-ranked schools: If a college has one seat left and two candidates, both with 3.6 GPAs, but one with honors courses and community experiences, who is the obvious choice for that last seat?


How will this affect my degree?
The Honors Program works within your selected degree. In other words, some of the courses that are required for your degree are taken as Honors sections, rather than the traditional ones.


How many honors credits will I need?
The basic requirements are 18 credits of Honors courses, but many students take every Honors course they can as they prefer the smaller classes, the focused attention of faculty and the ability to be more actively involved in their own learning process.


Are there honors courses in the summer?
No, we currently only offer honors courses in the fall and spring.


What are the graduation requirements?
To graduate with full honors, students must meet all of the course requirements plus maintain cumulative 3.5 GPA with no semester less than a 3.0 GPA. (Students who meet these requirements, wear a special honors pin and stole at graduation and their names are marked in the graduation program.)

Students who meet the honors course requirements, but not the GPA, will receive honors pins for graduation.


What happens when I transfer?
Each honors course you have taken will be individually listed as such on your transcript.


I’m interested in the program, what do I do now?

Please follow these steps

  • Complete the Honors Program application.
  • Send in two letters of recommendation from faculty.
  • Take the SUNY Orange Placement exam. (In order to join the program, you must be placed in ENG 101 or higher and no developmental classes.)
  • Schedule a time to meet with the Honors Program Coordinator to schedule classes.

Where are you located?
We are located on the lower level of Morrison Hall (MO) on Middletown campus.


Do you offer honors courses on the Newburgh campus?
Yes, we offer select honors courses on Newburgh campus.