Student Learning Outcomes

Classy ThursdaysUpon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Learn and integrate: Through independent and collaborative learning, acquire and apply knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences, within and across disciplines.

  2. Question, think, and create: Use multiple higher order inquiry and thinking strategies to examine real-world issues, explore creative avenues of expression, solve problems, and make consequential decisions.

  3. Communicate: Acquire, create, and convey intended meaning using oral, written, and non-verbal methods of communication that demonstrate respect and understanding in a complex global society.

  4. Community ResponsibilityClarify purpose and perspective: Explore one’s life purpose and meaning through
    transformational experiences that foster an understanding of and respect for self,
    relationships, and diverse global perspectives.

  5. Practice citizenship: Apply principles of ethical leadership, collaborative engagement, socially responsible behavior, respect for diversity in an interdependent world, and display a service-oriented commitment to advance and sustain local and global communities.