Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have obtained the following skillsets:

Interdisciplinary Academic Inquiry

  • do academic work more advanced than that presented in standard two-year programs.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the commonalities and diversity of various academic disciplines.
  • make connections between material studied in a specific course and ideas and approaches encountered in other disciplines.
  • demonstrate enhanced oral and written communication skills and organizational strategies compared with students in standard two-year programs.
  • access and use appropriate learning resources
  • present a portfolio of honors activities and achievements
  • feel prepared for upper division study at tier one institutions

Classy ThursdaysCultural Awareness

  • demonstrate understanding of the commonalities and diversity of various global cultures
  • place course material from disparate fields of study in cultural and sub-cultural contexts
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge of the arts as well as interrelationships among them
  • show a record of cultural experiences

Community ResponsibilityCommunity Responsibility

  • Define a developing sense of citizenship
  • Assert a strengthened personal character and an enhanced ethical sense
  • Show a record of participatory experience in service and community related activities
  • Feel prepared for ongoing and expanding community involvement

Transformation Leadership

  • describe various leadership styles and levels
  • demonstrate leadership in a variety of settings academic or otherwise
  • employ appropriate leadership styles in a variety of situations
  • show a record of leadership experiences
  • feel prepared for future leadership opportunities