General Information

Emergency Closing

The President is responsible for the decision to have classes or to close during periods of adverse weather conditions or other emergencies. Every effort will be made to reach such a decision in time to inform radio stations, the switchboard and maintenance and security personnel as early as possible. The decision will be based on the best information possible from weather forecasts, conditions on campus and in parking lots, and the status of roads over which students, faculty and staff must travel.

Please note that SUNY Orange’s weather closings are separate from those of the rest of Orange County government.  SUNY Orange does not close automatically if the County Executive orders government offices closed. The college will close only on the order of the President, so all personnel should be alert to that distinction in listening to storm closing announcements. The closing of the Newburgh Extension Center will be consistent with the closing of the Middletown Campus.

An announcement in the morning closing the college during the day does not necessarily mean evening continuing education credit and non-credit courses have likewise been canceled. A separate decision, usually made prior to 3:00 p.m., will be announced concerning evening credit and community service classes. An announcement during the day that evening classes have been canceled does not mean that the College is closed as of the announcement. Staff should work until their regular shift is complete. If SUNY Orange cancels courses on campus but not at one or more off campus sites, appropriate radio announcements will be made. In the event of inclement weather or emergency conditions, announcements concerning closing of the college and/or class cancellations will be heard on local radio stations. For updated information, dial the college's main number (344-6222) for recorded voice information. Whenever possible, the information will also be posted on the college's web site.


If inclement weather or other conditions force the closing of before 8:00 am, all professional, clerical, maintenance and part-time personnel whose work hours are between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm will not report to the college unless notified to do so by their supervisor because of emergency duty. Exceptions to this rule are the HVAC Technicians, who are required to report. If the college is ordered closed by the President during a working shift (for example, at 11:00 am or 2:30 pm), all professional and clerical personnel should leave the campus unless specifically directed to remain by their supervisors with permission from the President. Maintenance and Safety and Security personnel should await instructions of their supervisors. HVAC Technicians will remain on the job.  Staff/Faculty is to advise students that they should go to the George Shepard Center to await pick up, if necessary.  Safety & Security personnel will assist.  Cell phone service will be available.


If, because of weather conditions during the day, continuing education credit and non-credit classes are canceled via an announcement at 2:00 pm, all classes meeting at 3:45 pm or later will not be held that night. Such an announcement applies to all credit and community service classes meeting on campus. Classes at off-campus sites normally will be canceled if on-campus classes do not meet; however, in the event classes are canceled at some locations but not at others, specific instructions will be issued via the radio and the College recorded voice service (342-6222). Evening credit classes canceled because of bad weather must be made up. Such make-up classes will be scheduled on the second Friday night after the missed class, or as otherwise announced by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Faculty members are not authorized to cancel classes on their own because of weather conditions.