Locations for Developmental Education

Middletown Campus

Tutorial Center

Middletown Library, Second Floor, see also Tutorial Services Locations

Eileen Burke
Director of Academic Support and Testing
(845) 341-4520

Peggy Wasnieski (Day hours)
Robyn Hannes (Evening hours)
Tutorial Center Assistants
(845) 341-4171

Reading Center- BioTech 362 and 364

English Department- Reading Center

Writing Center – Biotech 360

English Department - Writing Cente

Newburgh Campus

Learning Center

Kaplan Hall Room 222

Sarah Gardner
Academic Support Coordinator
(845) 341-9032

Kathleen Davies
(845) 341-9504 Reception Desk

Reading Center – Kaplan Hall 223

English Department - Reading Lab

Writing Center – Kaplan Hall 225

English Department - Writing Center