College Policies

Overview of policies and procedures for Developmental Education*


All newly admitted students participate in a required assessment of skills prior to registering for courses. Individual skill levels are determined in the areas of English and Math. Students may place into the following list of developmental courses or higher-level courses.

English Department Courses:

  • RDG 020 English as Second Language
  • RDG 060 English as Second Language-Reading with RDG 061 Support Module
  • RDG 070 Reading and Study Skills I
  • WRT 030 Basic Writing Skills I
  • RDG 080 Reading and Study Skills 2
  • WRT 040 Basic Writing Skills 2
  • ENG 101 Freshman English with ENG 091 Support Module

Math Department Courses:

  • MAT 010 Developmental Arithmetic
  • MAT 020 Developmental Algebra

All students who place into two or more of the developmental education courses are identified as participants in the Developmental Education Program.

Special support services are provided for these students and they must follow specific academic policies related to this program


  • Students placed in developmental writing and/or reading and study courses must be enrolled in these courses during every semester of attendance until they receive a grade of DVP in these courses.
  • Completion of developmental courses into which a student has been placed by assessment to the college is REQUIRED.
  • Students must have completed all developmental courses into which they have been placed prior to applying for graduation.
  • Students placed in developmental math courses must complete these courses, even though there may not be a specific math requirement in their curriculum. If a student has not successfully completed these courses (MAT 010 and MAT 020) by the time they have attempted 24 non-developmental credits, the student must enroll in these courses every semester until they receive a grade of “DVP”.
  • Developmental courses may be prerequisites for certain college courses (i.e. ENG 040 Basic Writing 2 is a prerequisite for ENG 101 Freshman English I and MAT 020 Developmental Algebra is a prerequisite for MAT 101 Elementary Algebra).
  • Students who place into any developmental reading and/or writing courses must successfully complete all of their developmental reading and writing coursework before registering for distance learning courses.


Students may receive a Pass (DVP), Hold (DVH) or Fail (DVF) grade in developmental education courses. Students must repeat courses in which they have received a DVF or DVH grade.

Students who receive a grade of “DVH” or “DVF” in a particular developmental course will be allowed to repeat that developmental course only two additional times for a total of three attempts.  If students do not successfully complete a particular developmental course by the third attempt, they will be separated from the college for one year.

The grade of Developmental Hold (DVH) indicates a degree of progress, which is insufficient to make a Pass grade (DVP) appropriate, but does warrant the student's continuation in that course each semester until the student demonstrates sufficient progress to earn a DVP.

Grade of Incomplete (I) may not be used in developmental courses.

The following applies to students who have placed in two or more developmental courses

Developmental Education Review Board Students in the Developmental Education Program who are placed on academic probation (less than 2.0 CPQA) or receive a DVH or DVF in a developmental course will receive a letter stating that the student's records were reviewed by the Developmental Education Review Board. This review board may limit the number of credits that the student may take or stipulate specific course(s) that the student must take. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with the review board if they wish to appeal a credit limit decision.

Good Standing Students are in good academic standing if they pass all of their developmental courses with a grade of DVP and attain a CQPA of 2.0 or higher in their credit courses.

Academic Separation Any student in the Developmental Education Program who fails to obtain the minimum credits passed that are indicated below will be separated from the College for a period of one year.

Total Credits Attempted 24 36 48
Minimum Credits Passed 6 12 18
Any student who does not successfully complete a particular developmental course by the third attempt, will be separated from the college for one year.

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