Frequently Asked Questions

Is tutoring available on campus?  

Yes. Scheduled tutoring is offered by appointment in the tutorial centers and on a drop-in basis in academic department labs. If you are registered in Middletown or Newburgh, you may utilize academic support on the campus of your choice.


Where can I go for academic support?

Go to the following locations for the help you need.

Middletown Campus:

Tutorial Center - Library 2nd Floor

Math Tutorial Lab- Harriman Hall 309

Reading Center-BioTech 362 and 364

Writing Center-BioTech 360

Bat Cavern/Biology Resource-RCSE 306

Newburgh Campus:

Learning Center –Kaplan 220

Math Tutorial Lab-Kaplan 229

Reading Center-Kaplan 223

Writing Center-Kaplan 225

Bat Cavern II-Kaplan 230

Your instructor may have supplemental material for a course online in Blackboard.


How do I begin?

You may complete the Academic Support application here. Just follow the steps outlined. 


What are the Tutorial/Learning Center hours for the semester?

Middletown Campus: Sring 2019


Monday - Thursday

8 AM - 5 PM


8 AM - 4 PM

**Hours subject to change before the start of the semster**

Newburgh Campus:Spring 2019



9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday & Thursday

9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 4 PM

**Hours subject to change before the start of the semster**


For labs, current hours of operation are posted in the lab and are available at the Academic Support website



How do I know if I am eligible for scheduled tutoring?

All credit students of the College may request scheduled tutoring for a course that they are currently enrolled in. To receive this type of academic support, you must fill out the Academic Support Application.

If you need a more accessible form of this document, please contact the Tutorial Center at 845-341-4171 or the Learnign Ceneter at (845) 341-9504.

Scheduling is arranged through the Tutorial/Learning Center and depends on matching tutor availability and your availability. An attendance policy is in place for scheduled tutoring. You must have good class attendance and bring your course materials to your scheduled tutoring sessions.


When are applications being accepted?

Applications are accepted on the first day of classes and from there forward. Complete your application here. Academic Support Application 1819


How often can I meet with a tutor?

Students may participate in tutoring in department labs on an as needed basis. Scheduled tutoring sessions in the Tutorial/Learning Centers are set for one hour, up to twice a week.


Is there an additional charge for the academic support services that I use?

Students pay a general academic support fee each semester. There is no additional charge for academic support labs or scheduled tutoring sessions.


How do I know my tutor is qualified?  

Peer Tutors are recommended by instructors and have done very well in the subjects they are tutoring. Professional Tutors have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the content area they will be tutoring and are approved for hire by both the Coordinator of Academic Support and the Academic Department Chairperson for the course(s) to be tutored.


How do I become a Peer/Professional Tutor? 

If you are interested in being employed as a tutor, you may stop by the Tutorial/Learning Center for an application packet or see the Information for Prospective Tutors page.


For more information, call the Learning Center in Newburgh at 845-341-9504 or the Tutorial Center in Middletown at 845-341-4171.