Information for Students Requesting Academic Support

Tutoring for students enrolled in college credit courses is available through the Tutorial/Learning Centers and academic department labs.

Scheduled tutoring is offered by appointment in the Tutorial/Learning Center. Drop-in as needed or weekly sign-up tutoring is offered in academic department labs.

To access academic support, pick up an Academic Support Application from the Tutorial Receptionist in the Tutorial/Learning Center and follow the steps outlined.Ā  If you are registered in Middletown or Newburgh, you may utilize academic support on the campus of your choice.

All credit students of the College may request scheduled tutoring for a course that they are currently enrolled in. To receive this type of academic support, you must fill out the Academic Support Application which has a section for input from your instructor. Scheduling is arranged through the Tutorial/ Learning Center and depends on tutor availability and your availability matching. An attendance policy is in place for scheduled tutoring. You must have good class attendance and bring your course notes and textbook to your scheduled tutoring sessions.

Students may download the Academic Support Application and follow the steps outlined. Instructor signature is required for scheduled tutoring. Side 2 of the application only needs to be completed once, regardless of the number of support options requested. If you need a more accessible form of this document, please contact Eileen Burke at 845-341-4520.

Online Tutoring at SUNY Orange

NetTutorĀ® is an online service that SUNY Orange has available to currently enrolled students at no extra charge. This service connects students to professional tutors for certain courses. Tutors are available evenings and weekends, with math tutoring available 24/7. The service is a great supplement to traditional campus resources.

Academic Department Lab options include drop in or weekly sign up.

See Locations for Tutoring for details about academic support in department labs.

Scheduled Tutoring options include individual/paired sessions and small tutor led study groups by recurring weekly appointment.

For these options, a student/tutee is scheduled with a tutor for one hour, once a week. Scheduled sessions are offered based on the availability the student has listed on their application form. The student availability is then matched with a tutor who has the same availability in their schedule.

A policies and procedures agreement is reviewed and signed by the student prior to the start of scheduled tutoring.

Study Skills Workshops are offered throughout the semester.

Study skills workshops on topics such as time management and organization, note taking and exam preparation are offered in the Student Support Initiatives office on the third floor of the Shepard Student Center. For a complete list of workshops offered, please visit the Student Support Initiatives web site.

The Academic Advising Office web site has links to video workshops on topics such as Study Tips, Note-Taking and Test-Taking Strategies.