Information for Tutors

Peer Tutors

A Peer Tutor is a SUNY Orange student who is recommended by his or her instructor and demonstrates a high level of academic achievement in their subject area. For further information please refer to the Peer Tutor Job Description.

A Senior Tutor is a person with a conferred Associate’s degree with transcripts from an accredited institution. Tutor will need SUNY Orange Department Chair approval

To apply for a Peer Tutor or Senior Tutor position, you may pick up an application from the Tutorial/Learning Center or get it from our Resources page. To complete the Peer Tutor Application/ Instructor Approval form you must get approval from the instructor of the course you took or the chair of the course's department. If you require a more accessible version of this form, please contact Janis Goerres at 845-341-4520.

Professional Tutors

Professional Tutors must have a Bachelor's degree and be approved for hire by both the Coordinator of the Academic Support Center and the Academic Department Chairperson for the courses to be tutored. For further information please refer to the Professional Tutor Job Description.

To apply for a Professional Tutor position, applicants may contact the Coordinator of Academic Support on the campus they would like to work and pick up an application packet. A letter of interest, resume, and transcripts are required along with the packet. Contact information can be found on our Staff page. A full application packet can be found on our Resources page.


The tutor completes an availability grid in the application packet. Usually a student will be scheduled with a tutor for one hour, up to twice a week. Tutors average 6 tutoring sessions per week (range of 4 to 24).