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Audio Books are in!

The library will be selecting a limited number of current popular fiction and non-fiction titles as audio books. The audio books are in CD format that can be played on all CD players. The books can be checked out for 28 days and will be renewable. See what titles we have in the list below under Fiction (Audio Books).

Highlights of new books added September 1, 2011 to December 16, 2011:

Newburgh Library

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Witchcraft in Early America cover

Witchcraft in early North America by Alison Games.

Just in time for Halloween you can read about Witchcraft through an early American lens. Alison Games's engaging book takes us beyond the infamous outbreak at Salem, Massachusetts, to look at how witchcraft was a central feature of colonial societies in North America. Her substantial and lively introduction orients readers to the subject and to the rich selection of documents that follows. The documents begin with first encounters between European missionaries and Native Americans in New France and New Spain, and they conclude with witch hunts among Native Americans in the years of the early American republic.

Middletown Library

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Choosing Tomorrow's Children cover

Choosing Tommorrow's Children by Stephen Wilkinson . 

To what extent should parents be allowed to use reproductive technologies to determine the characteristics of their future children? And is there something morally wrong with parents who wish to do this? Choosing Tomorrow's Children provides answers to these (and related) questions. In particular, the book looks at issues raised by selective reproduction, the practice of choosing between different possible future persons by selecting or deselecting (for example) embryos, eggs, and sperm.