Computers in the Library

The libraries in Newburgh and Middletown have computers and wireless internet access for students, faculty and staff. The staff at the front desk should be able to answer your questions.

When using SUNY Orange computers be sure to log off when you are finished.


  • Workstations: Desktop computers have MS Office and internet access.
  • Laptops/Newbooks: You can borrow these with SUNY Orange id and use them anywhere in the library. They have wireless and will print to the library's printers.


  • You can connect to the library's wireless on any wireless device. The wireless network and passwords are available at the library's front desk.
  • Library staff will provide minimal support for your own personal portable computer. In order to prevent making a problem worse library staff will not be able to work on your personal portable computer. Library staff will not loan out power cables for any personal devices.


Computing Policy:


This page was updated April 10, 2018.