Publication & Publicity Guidelines

To help us better serve the college and our community, please review the following publicity and publication guidelines and keep them on hand for future reference.

SUNY Orange Style Guide

The SUNY Orange Style Guide is an indispensable tool designed to help you present your particular part of the College's message most effectively while supporting the valuable SUNY Orange brand. The Style Guide is available for download both from here, as well as from the College's shared P drive on the College's network (P:\Logos_and_Templates)

College Name

While our official name is, and will remain, Orange County Community College, our preference is to be referred to as SUNY Orange.


College Colors

Orange County Community College school colors are identified using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Our PMS colors are Orange 1665 and Blue 294. Colors for the web are available on our website at


College Logo & Seal

The SUNY Orange logo or the Orange County Community College seal must appear on every official College publication and document. Whenever possible, larger publications should contain both the SUNY Orange logo and the Orange County Community College seal. They should not be used within close proximity to each other. Select one for the front of a document, and one for the back of a document. But not both on the same side. For flyers, templates that include the SUNY Orange logo have been created for your use.

Please make sure to use the correct version of the College seal as minor modifications have been made over time. You can download JPG, PDF and PNG versions of the seal from the SUNY Orange from the P drive (P:\Logos_and_Templates). For vector art versions, please contact Steve Hedderton at (845) 341-4727.

Both the College seal and the SUNY Orange logo (examples below) may be re-sized to fit your document. However, all sizing and re-sizing must be done proportionally so that the College seal and logo retain their original shape. [to resize artwork proportionally, click on the art, then hold the control key while dragging the corner of the box either in (to reduce the size) or out (to increase the size)].

In all cases the logo and seal are to be used as drawn. Additions or modifications to the seal or the logo are not permitted.

In addition to the main seal and logo, the College has developed department-specific logos which incorporate the department name within the context of the overall College branding. To acquire a department-specific logo, please download it from the shared P drive on the College's network. If your department does not yet have a logo, contact Steve Hedderton for assistance.

For more information and guidance on logo and seal usage, please refer to the SUNY Orange Style Guide.

SUNY Orange Color Logo

» SUNY Orange Color Logo (5x1.75 at 300 dpi)

SUNY Orange Logo Black and White

» SUNY Orange Color Logo (5x1.75 at 300 dpi)

SUNY Orange Color Seal

» SUNY Orange Color Seal (2x2 at 300 dpi)

SUNY Orange Black and White Logo

» SUNY Orange Black and White Seal (2x2 at 300 dpi)


Notice of Non-Discrimination

The following Notice of Non-Discrimination should be included in all College publications:

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Orange County Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, gender identification,, sexual orientation, familial status, pregnancy, predisposing genetic characteristics, military status, veteran status, domestic violence victim status, criminal conviction or any other category protected by law. The College adheres to all federal and state civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in public institutions of higher education.

Inquiries regarding this non-discrimination policy may be directed to:

Wendy Holmes

Civil Rights Compliance Officer

115 South Street, Middletown NY 10940

(845) 341-4662

Press Inquiries

Only the College President, Vice President for Institutional Advancement or Communications Officer may serve as the official spokesperson for the College. The Communications Officer serves as the initial contact point for all press inquiries. Any staff members who are contacted by the media should direct those inquiries to the Communications Officer, who will then coordinate such interview requests.

In many cases, a reporter may require specific information on a particular topic and will request to speak with a faculty or staff member with expertise on that topic. In these cases, the Communications Officer or his/her designee will work with faculty and staff to locate a suitable candidate to be interviewed.

Under no circumstances should staff and faculty members initiate contacts with the press without the prior approval of the Communications Officer or the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.


Press Releases

Point of Contact: Mike Albright, Communications Officer (341-4728),
How to Request:
  1. Online request form
  2. E-mail or phone request to communications officer
Lead Time: At least two weeks prior to event
Other Info:

The Communications Officer regularly distributes press releases, announcements and events listings to local media outlets. To have listings of events included in the College's distribution, information must be received at least three weeks prior to the event. Press releases and other items are usually distributed no less than 10 days (with 14-18 days preferred) in advance of the event being promoted. Additionally, the College's internal communication tools (Campus Grapevine, Student Grapevine) can be used for promotion and information sharing. You should use the online submission form for both Grapevines.


Publications (Brochures/Flyers/Programs), Media Ads, Graphics, and Photography.

Point of Contact: Stephen Hedderton, Asst. Director of Communications for Publications (341-4727)
Before Submitting: Before undertaking a new print project, please refer to the SUNY Orange Style Guide and consult the lead-times included within the online request form for each type of project.
How To Request: Please use the online request form
Other Info: 

If your project was not requested during annual budget preparation, your department will be responsible for paying for the project (see Steve for rates).

All print material must have the approval of the VP for Institutional Advancement or his designee before printing or photocopying. The College has established a series of templates for publication covers, flyers, posters and newsletters. Flyer templates, available in both color and black/white formats, offer several variations for selection. At minimum, the College logo and accompanying “swoosh” must be anchored at the bottom of the piece.

The lower right section of the swoosh can ONLY be overlayed with the following items: department/organization name, contact phone number, College mailing address and/or College web site address. However, it is suggested that only one or two of these items be included in that space, and the department name does not need to be added here if the template you are using already includes your department logo. No logos from other institutions, organizations or businesses should be placed upon the “swoosh.”


Business Cards

To request new business cards, please click here to download the business card form to be filled out, approved and sent to Steve Hedderton, Institutional Advancement.


Photography (Additional Guidelines)

Please note: As stated in the Student Handbook, Orange County Community College has the right to photograph its students for use in publications, advertisements and/or on its website unless student notifies the Office of Institutional Advancement at 845-341-4725.


  • All requests for photographs must be considered legitimate official college business for institutional publicity purposes.
  • All faculty/staff/visitors to be shot by the College photographer must complete a Release/Consent agreement form

Students are covered by the blanket student photography policy published in the College Catalog and Student Handbook.

College photos for print and web applications are available in the SUNY Orange Flickr Gallery.


Social Media

The SUNY Orange Social Networking Procedure/Guidelines is an indispensable tool designed to help you present your message through social media and providing the requirements and responsibilities of maintaining a social media presence. This document is available for download both from here, as well as from the College's shared P drive on the College's network (P:\SocialMedia). The point of contact for any questions about social media is the Assistant Director of Communications for New Media (contact information below).

Website & Social Media

Point of Contact: Chris Thurtle (ext. 4402)
Submitting Info: A complete set of guidelines are located at