Publicity Request Form

The Communications Office is responsible for promoting the College, its people and events.

The Communications Office plans a coordinated institutional public relations strategy and offers various media outlets stories or ideas that will be of interest. This is done by targeting stories to each medium’s styles or needs and by developing and maintaining good working relationships with reporters and editors. Channeling all contact with the media through the Communications Office is essential and helps to assure that correct and institutionally approved information is released and made available to the proper sources.

Please DO NOT contact the media on your own.

Preparing Your Publicity

For your publicity to be successful, you will need to follow a few simple guidelines...

Plan Ahead! The earlier you provide your materials to the Communications Office, the more likely you are to get media coverage. Keep in mind that media deadlines may be weeks prior to publication – depending on the publication. That – coupled with the time to write and edit your press release, schedule photography (if necessary) – means that you may need to be working on promoting your event more than a month ahead of time.

What’s Unique? Whether you goal is to promote an event, increase awareness of an issue, or recap a recently completed project, you want to attract attention. Therefore, you will need to think about a “hook” or an “angle” that will set your information apart and attract interest. Regardless of the story angle, your request will need to provide answers to these questions: Who, What, When, Where, and How.

Matching the Message to the Medium. Once the Communications Office has crafted your press release, they will work to ensure that your story is placed in the appropriate media vehicle. The Communications Office has relationships with print and broadcast media representatives, and pitch your story ideas to those outlets that it deems appropriate medium for your message.

Submit your Press Release Request to our Publicity Request Form here.

Items to Remember

  • A press release is free; an ad is not. For newspaper ads, flyers, photos or other related print materials, please use our Publication and Graphics Request Form.
  • To get either one, please get in touch with us in time for the free publicity a release can generate, or to make sure you make the deadline for a paid ad.
  • Please type carefully. If you misspell any information, it may go out that way.
  • The Communications Officer regularly distributes press releases, announcements and events listings to local media outlets. To have listings of events included in the College's distribution, information must be received at least three weeks prior to the event. Press releases and other items are usually distributed no less than 10 days (with 14-18 days preferred) in advance of the event being promoted. Additionally, the College's internal communication tools (Campus Grapevine, Student Grapevine) can be used for promotion and information sharing. You should use the online submission form for both Grapevines.