More Than 570 Students in Grades 6-12 from Orange County High Schools to be Honored

PHOTO: Monroe FranceMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will celebrate the outstanding achievements of 574 Orange County school students when the College hosts its 27th Sojourner Truth Awards Program at 6 p.m., Friday, March 10, in the Diana Physical Education Center on the Middletown campus.

The Sojourner Truth Awards Program honors students from grades 6 through 12 who have excelled in areas such as athletics, citizenship, creative arts, diversity, English language arts, foreign languages, perseverance/effort, sciences, and technology. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and to motivate students who are from groups that are traditionally under-represented in the College population to consider college as a viable and attainable goal.

The evening’s keynote speaker is Monroe France, associate vice president for Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives at New York University. He serves as the most senior level university administrator responsible for advancing university-wide diversity initiatives within student affairs at NYU’s New York City campus as well, as its global academic centers. In this role, France provides leadership to the NYU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Student Center and the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs.

France is also an adjunct faculty member in the NYU Silver School of Social Work and NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Communication. He serves on the OutRight Action International Board of Trustees, is chair of the Diversity Abroad Network’s LGBTQI+ Task Force; and is a faculty member during DAN’s annual Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Institute.

France has more than 20 years of experience as a professional trainer, consultant, strategist and keynote presenter. He has created, implemented and managed social justice and human rights education programs both nationally and internationally.

His expertise in anti-oppression and social justice work has led to his appearing on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show, conducting regular radio interviews, and presenting keynote addresses at national conferences and universities around the world. France is a facilitator for the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network and the Anti-Defamation League’s World of Difference Institute.

He has received numerous honors and accolades, including NYU’s 2012 Distinguished Administrator of the Year Award, the 2014 Trailblazer Award from re-gender (formerly National Council for Research on Women) and the 2016 National Association for Student Personal Administrators’ Diversity Achievement Award.

In addition to speeches and the awards ceremony, the evening’s program will feature a presentation of colors by the Middletown High School Junior ROTC and entertainment by local performers Emmanuel Carrisquillo, Jennifer Marie Rodriguez and Andrew Garrison.

Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th Century. Born Isabella Bomefree (later spelled Baumfree) in about 1797 in Hurley, N.Y., Isabella was sold four times before she and her daughter were given their freedom in 1828. She spoke low Dutch until she was about 10 years old and never learned to read or write.

In 1843 she changed her name to Sojourner Truth to better reflect her chosen mission of traveling to show people their sins and telling them what is true. She is often referred to as one of the most effective and powerful speech-makers of her time.

Corporate funding for the program and awards ceremony comes from presenting sponsors Orange & Rockland Utilities and O’Connor Davies. To learn more, visit SUNY Orange’s Sojourner Truth web site at, call the Office of Student Services at (845) 341-4000, or email Dolores Jones at

2017 Sojourner Truth Awards

Chester Union Free School District

Amanda Bonilla (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mia Calderon (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Marianny Fernandez (high school), perseverance/effort; Janeen Gomez (middle school), perseverance/effort; Brittany Mazzi (middle school), citizenship; Leah Rios (middle school), perseverance/effort; Alexis Rodriguez (high school), perseverance/effort; Skye Rose (high school), perseverance/effort; Tyler Sooknanan (high school), citizenship; Faith St. Arromand (high school), perseverance/effort; Yuxin Sun (high school), mathematics; Kenneth Torres (high school), perseverance/effort; Jonathan Walters (middle school), creative arts

Cornwall Central School District

Dyani Burns (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages; Joshua Harding (Cornwall Central High School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Jamieson (high school), citizenship; Dev Patel (middle school), diversity; Joy Usen (middle school), foreign languages

Enlarged City School District of Middletown

Kiara Abreu (Middletown High School), citizenship; Matthew Allen (high school), mathematics; Inshan Ally (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; John Angerame (high school), mathematics; Freddy Anzurez (high school), perseverance/effort; David Atakora (Twin Towers), English language arts; Kamila Ayaquica (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Vanessa Barco-Zamora (high school), mathematics; Simran Bassi (Twin Towers), sciences; Isaac Baxter Motz (high school), citizenship; Darius Berry (high school), mathematics; Andrea Borrero (high school), citizenship; Danielle Brady (high school), perseverance/effort; Carsen Brenner (high school), mathematics; Karla Campos (high school), perseverance/effort; Kimberly Campos (high school), citizenship; Ken Celestin (high school), perseverance/effort; Daja Chamberlain (Twin Towers), sciences; Mya Charles (Monhagen), foreign languages; Sephora Charlot (Monhagen), creative arts; Tyra Chase (high school), diversity; Susan Cheng (high school), perseverance/effort; Tejpaul Chilana (Monhagen), mathematics; Michael Cleary (high school), athletics; Jezielle Coates (high school), mathematics; Joseph Colon (high school), perseverance/effort; Victoria Conklin (high school), perseverance/effort; Fernando Corano Garcia (Twin Towers), creative arts; Khristina Cromer (Twin Towers), perseverance/effort; Angel Cruz (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Ricardo Cruz (Monhagen), citizenship; Jordan Decker (high school), perseverance/effort; Arianna Diana (high school), perseverance/effort; Brandon Diaz (high school), creative arts; Elizabeth Diaz (high school), mathematics; Felice Dong (Monhagen), sciences; Raquel Estrada (high school), citizenship; Nnenna Eze (high school), English language arts; Grace Feely (high school), mathematics; Angela Fiedler (high school), mathematics; Alexis Figueroa Bahena (high school), perseverance/effort; Jade Fontanez (Monhagen), English language arts; Jeniel Foster (high school), perseverance/effort; Yesenia Galicia (high school), creative arts; Maria Garcia Mejia (high school), perseverance/effort; Norris Gipson (high school), citizenship; Manuel Gonzalez (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Xavier Gonzalez (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Michael Gordon (high school), mathematics; Harriece Gowers (Twin Towers), technology; Stephany Grande (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Mikaela Gray (high school), mathematics; Nyla Green (Twin Towers), English language arts; Monet' Grimes (high school), perseverance/effort; Matthew Guattery (high school), mathematics; Grace Guh (high school), mathematics; Roquan Hamilton (Twin Towers), creative arts; Hamza Hasan (high school), mathematics; Miguel Hernandez-Chacon (Twin Towers), English language arts; Alexis Herrerra (Monhagen), sciences; Petra Ike (Twin Towers), creative arts; Lopez Jayson (high school), mathematics; Savion Jean (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Cameron Jewell (high school), mathematics; Marvin Justin (high school), citizenship; Ordonez Burgos Karen (high school), diversity; Shahid Khan (Twin Towers), English language arts; Huiyuan (Joey) Kuang (high school), perseverance/effort; Dereck Lamber (high school), perseverance/effort; Anna Lauderdale (Twin Towers), English language arts; Jalaya Lazare (Monhagen), English language arts; Daneele Lewis (high school), perseverance/effort; Javier Lopez (high school), perseverance/effort; Kiara Luna (high school), perseverance/effort; Jazmyn Martinez (high school), athletics; Jayden McKane (Monhagen), creative arts; Preanna McWhorter (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Merritt (Twin Towers), English language arts; Jazlyn Morales (Twin Towers), English language arts; Donato Napoletano (high school), mathematics; Denasia Nock (high school), creative arts; Alexis Oppong (high school), mathematics; Clara Ornelas-Lara (Monhagen), English language arts; Gracelynn Osei-Bosompem (Twin Towers), foreign languages; Tumajanae Page (high school), perseverance/effort; Adeana Pearson (high school), mathematics; Alondra Perez  (Twin Towers), perseverance/effort; Quamel Perry (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Sophia Pham Aparicio (Monhagen), mathematics; Khristian Pierre (Twin Towers), creative arts; Matthew Quimby (high school), mathematics; Brian Ramirez (high school), citizenship; Marcus Ramos (high school), creative arts; Daniela Ramos (Twin Towers), mathematics; Shacoy Ramsay (high school), mathematics; Kevin Reid (high school), technology; Kya Ringgold (Monhagen), creative arts; Adrianna Rivera (Monhagen), perseverance/effort; Giovanni Rodriguez (Monhagen), citizenship; Jason Sandoval Campos (Twin Towers), mathematics; Edward Saverino (high school), mathematics; Kayla Senior (high school), English language arts; Basilia Serrano (Monhagen), citizenship; Sunny Shi (Twin Towers), mathematics; Caitlin Skoufis (high school), perseverance/effort; Kaitlyn Sorto (high school), mathematics; Allan Sun (high school), mathematics; Jessica Talmadge (high school), mathematics; Arlette Tavarez (high school), mathematics; Sidney Taylor (high school), citizenship; D'Ajah Terry (Monhagen), citizenship; Nicole Tondreau (high school), mathematics; Ericka Tornetto (high school), English language arts; Christian Torres (high school), mathematics; Rachel Valentin (high school), perseverance/effort; Cristal Vidal (high school), perseverance/effort; Jarim Virgen Rivera (high school), mathematics; Devon Walker (high school), sciences; Emma Walters (Monhagen), citizenship; Alexandra Warren (high school), citizenship; Lamar Washington (Monhagen), citizenship; Emily Whitby (high school), creative arts; Curai White (high school), athletics; Erik Zapata (Monhagen), creative arts; Hong Zhang (high school), mathematics; Salma Znaidi (Monhagen), foreign languages; TraAnthony Zollner (high school), creative arts

Florida Union Free School District (all are S.S. Seward Inst.)

Reed Aguas, perseverance/effort; Ariadna Campos, foreign languages; Justin Chino, foreign languages; Nicole De Los Santos, mathematics; Sophia Goff, sciences; Tyzhana Hicks, sciences; Josely Medina, mathematics; Berenice Moya, foreign languages; Crystal Moya, foreign languages; Alexis Pellegrini, English language arts; Casedy Perez, foreign languages; Ciara Rivera, perseverance/effort; Bryce Thompson, perseverance/effort; Joseph VanDenBurg, citizenship; Elizabeth Wesonga, mathematics; Melanie Zambrano, sciences

Goshen Central School District

Elizabeth Aguilar Delgado (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Loraine Aldave (middle school), citizenship; Andrea Amaro (middle school), perseverance/effort; La'Shaun Armstrong (Goshen High School), perseverance/effort; Siddhi Balamurali (high school), foreign languages; Yanet Bautista (middle school), perseverance/effort; Joseph Bonello (middle school), citizenship; Alexis Boris (middle school), perseverance/effort; Kai Bou (middle school), perseverance/effort; Katleen Bricourt (middle school), perseverance/effort; Madilyn Bunzey (middle school), creative arts; Madison Clark (middle school), English language arts; Mia Colangelo (middle school), mathematics; Kathryn Crandall (middle school), creative arts; Jolina Dong (middle school), mathematics; Jadel Estiverne (middle school), diversity; Malasia Fields (high school), citizenship; Axel Fierros Calle (middle school), citizenship; Ofir Fogelman (middle school), perseverance/effort; Gianna Gallo (middle school), mathematics; Zaima Garrido Munoz (middle school), citizenship; Michelle Gukhman (middle school), mathematics; Korey Hawkins (high school), athletics; Sonia Hernandez (middle school), sciences; Vivian Hernandez (middle school), citizenship; Kayana Irby (high school), creative arts; Mendel Jeanty (high school), citizenship; Dream Kemp (high school), sciences; Zoe Kyrou (middle school), mathematics; Manuel Lara (middle school), perseverance/effort; Grace Leva (middle school), perseverance/effort; Charissa Logan (middle school), perseverance/effort; Elijah Lopez (middle school), mathematics; Ana Loter (middle school), mathematics; Raquel Martinez (middle school), citizenship; Angel Melendez-Nunez (middle school), mathematics; Gregory Molina (middle school), mathematics; Meredith Molinaro (middle school), perseverance/effort; Brandon Morales (high school), creative arts; Tiffany Pabon (high school), perseverance/effort; Ysabela Paneto (middle school), mathematics; Brianna Penrod (high school), perseverance/effort; Julisa Posada (middle school), mathematics; Naima Puertas (middle school), English language arts; James Rodriguez (middle school), citizenship; Javier Rodriguez (middle school), English language arts; Zemedkun Rodriguez (middle school), diversity; Yadiliz Salcedo (middle school), perseverance/effort; Brianna Sanchez (middle school), citizenship; Daniella Scanlon (middle school), English language arts; Ekamjot Singh (middle school), citizenship; Ayana Suqui (middle school), mathematics; Omar Tapia (high school), English language arts; Ivan Torres (high school), athletics; Aissa Toure (middle school), perseverance/effort; Jannah Uppal (middle school), perseverance/effort; Aliana Vanichpong-Barbosa (middle school), mathematics; Melanie Vazquez (high school), mathematics; Javier Vidals (high school), perseverance/effort; Yesica Vidals (high school), perseverance/effort; Maria Vidals Pita (middle school), perseverance/effort; Tommy Vo (middle school), mathematics

Greenwood Lake Union Free School District

Jackson Dunkin (Greenwood Lake Middle School), English language arts

Highland Falls - Fort Montgomery Central School District

Rael Beauchard (Highland Falls Intermediate School), creative arts; Jonas Dabkowski (James I. ONeill High School), technology; Tyrese Davis (high school), perseverance/effort; Malik Jackson (Intermediate school), perseverance/effort; Tomas Jimenez-Pena (Intermediate school), athletics; Katherine Lebron (Intermediate school), sciences; Ashley Ordonez (Intermediate school), English language arts; Yasmin Rivera (Intermediate school), perseverance/effort; Janne Rowan (high school), perseverance/effort; Antonella Rufasto (Intermediate school), mathematics; Jennifer Valenzuela (high school), perseverance/effort; Ruby Valladares (Intermediate school), technology; Amber Wojciechowski (Intermediate school), citizenship

Minisink Valley Central School District

Jocelyn Benigno Ramos (Minisink Valley High School), diversity; Nasier Brown (Minisink Valley Middle School), English language arts; Ilahi (Asiya) Creary-Miller (high school), English language arts; Victoria Duncan (high school), creative arts; Naomi Hernandez (high school), sciences; Lovina John (high school), citizenship; Remi Land (high school), perseverance/effort; Ebony Oenga (high school), mathematics; Lianna Ramirez (high school), foreign languages; Aniya Rodriguez (high school), foreign languages; Hunter Rodriquez (middle school), English language arts; Taisha Santiago (high school), creative arts; Jordan Santiago (middle school), English language arts; Isabella Schaetzle (high school), sciences; Tyacia Thompson (high school), foreign languages; Mia Vizcaino (high school), English language arts

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District

Serena Abuirshid (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Ahmad Abuirshid (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), sciences; Angelina Acosta (high school), English language arts; Camron David Adams (middle school), sciences; Nicol Alejo Gomez (high school), creative arts; Jade Andrew (middle school), perseverance/effort; Darwin Benavides (middle school), perseverance/effort; Tori Bennett (middle school), perseverance/effort; Monique Bindler (high school), perseverance/effort; Benedict Brafi (high school), perseverance/effort; Janice Caguana (middle school), perseverance/effort; Miranda Caleigh (high school), English language arts; Angelis Carrero (high school), English language arts; Grace Celaya (middle school), perseverance/effort; Grace Cruz-Allegro (high school), creative arts; Daphne Davila (middle school), perseverance/effort; Adriana Diaz (middle school), English language arts; Kayla Felix (middle school), mathematics; Rey Flores (high school), English language arts; Naya Flores (middle school), English language arts; Adailton Flores Mendoza (middle school), perseverance/effort; Kaitlin Flores Toribio (middle school), perseverance/effort; Zachary Friedman (middle school), mathematics; Erika Gordiano (high school), English language arts; Imanol Hernandez (middle school), mathematics; Alexis Jeanty (high school), English language arts; Andrew Jemison (high school), athletics; Christelle Jiminez DeLaleu (middle school), perseverance/effort; Stephanie Kwong (middle school), mathematics; Omar Lawrence (middle school), perseverance/effort; Mathew Morales (high school), athletics; Sofia Morales (middle school), citizenship; Angelica Padilla (high school), perseverance/effort; Jaimie Polanco (high school), creative arts; Justin Quinones (middle school), English language arts; Cesar Ramos Bazan (middle school), sciences; Brenda Rodriguez Torres (high school), English language arts; Raely Rodriquez (middle school), perseverance/effort; Adam Roman (high school), English language arts; Natalia Romero (middle school), citizenship; Geraldine Romero Martinez (middle school), perseverance/effort; Chloe Saldanha (middle school), citizenship; Camila Sanchez (middle school), perseverance/effort; Misael Soto (middle school), citizenship; Nicolena Vega (high school), English language arts; Rylee Velez (high school), English language arts; Lizabeth Verdejo Hernandez (high school), perseverance/effort; Rachel Wassef (middle school), citizenship

Newburgh Enlarged City School District

Dayna Ahearn (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Yasir Arnold (Heritage Middle School), mathematics; Jason Baird (Heritage), citizenship; Jennifer Banegas (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Oshen Beckford (high school), perseverance/effort; Sara Bernabe (Heritage), perseverance/effort; Alaina Bowen (Heritage), sciences; Anais Brown (Heritage), mathematics; O'Dajah Brown (high school), perseverance/effort; Sean Brown (high school), English language arts; Maria Caguana Chuqui (high school), perseverance/effort; Christabel Calderon (Meadow Hill), perseverance/effort; Laura Case (high school), perseverance/effort; Patricia Cobey (high school), creative arts; Francisco Colon (high school), creative arts; Fernando Cordero (high school), perseverance/effort; Adam Dali (high school), citizenship; Antonio Galarza (high school), perseverance/effort; Saul Garzon (Temple Hill Academy Elementary School), citizenship; Shajah Gerson Joseph (Heritage), citizenship; Darcy Guerra (Temple Hill), perseverance/effort; Rodolfo Iglesias (high school), perseverance/effort; Jayden Jackson-Eyo (Meadow Hill), English language arts; Joseph Mangual (high school), English language arts; Kristina Mc Kenzie (high school), creative arts; Abigail McMillan (high school), citizenship; Christiana Meah (high school), creative arts; Sara Mestizo (Meadow Hill), citizenship; Juan Molina (high school), perseverance/effort; Teyron Morgan (high school), perseverance/effort; Fritz-Carl Morlant (high school), citizenship; Michael Moya (high school), perseverance/effort; Mayeliz Nuez (Heritage), mathematics; Alexia Ochoa (Meadow Hill), diversity; Yesenia Ochoa (high school), perseverance/effort; Samantha Osei-Sarkodie (Heritage), citizenship; Alexander Phillip (high school), diversity; Shazeiah Rich (Heritage), English language arts; Jazmin Santiago (high school), English language arts; Amaya Soler (Heritage), perseverance/effort; Tais Zosaya (Meadow Hill), sciences

Orange - Ulster BOCES

Angelica Cruz, perseverance/effort

Pine Bush Central School District

Aleeza Afzal (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Yasmin Aguilar (Circleville), mathematics; Nikki Ahmetaj (Circleville), English language arts; Jalen Ali (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Jared Beltran (Circleville), mathematics; Kayla Benoit (Circleville), sciences; Kelly Benoit (Circleville), creative arts; Christelle Bernardin (Circleville), sciences; Andrew Bogle (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Brianna Camacho (Crispell), sciences; Angel Castro (Circleville), sciences; Mycha Clemons (Crispell), English language arts; Brendan Colas (Circleville), citizenship; Isabella Colon (Circleville), mathematics; Ayla Corey (Crispell), perseverance/effort; Joseph De Leon (Pine Bush High School), English language arts; Mila Dizon (Crispell), foreign languages; Savannah Donaldson (high school), sciences; Lenny Elzey (high school), technology; Kianah English (high school), English language arts; LeAnne Favors (Circleville), English language arts; Ciara Ferguson (high school), mathematics; Jenna Fiorentino (high school), foreign languages; Pebblita Fuentes (Circleville), foreign languages; Remi Garcia (Circleville), mathematics; Edward Ryan Garmendiz (Crispell), perseverance/effort; Lucas Gonzalez (Circleville), citizenship; Brendan Gradnigo (Circleville), citizenship; Giovanni Guzman (Circleville), sciences; Derek Hickman (Circleville), technology; Moyosoreoluw Ifafore (Circleville), diversity; Jada Jannicelli (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Mathew Kadanthod (Circleville), sciences; D Kellish (Circleville), technology; Timothy Linton (Circleville), athletics; Luis Macias (Circleville), foreign languages; Sevinch Mansurova (Circleville), mathematics; Malique Marcy (Circleville), mathematics; Nevaeh Mitchell (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Alexa Mundo (Circleville), sciences; Isabella Narain (Crispell), citizenship; Jessenia Nicoli (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Diomar Padilla-Santiago (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Harold Paredes (Circleville), mathematics; Nandini Patel (Circleville), sciences; Pooja Patel (Circleville), creative arts; Arjun Patel (Crispell), diversity; Deborah Phanor (Circleville), English language arts; Nevaeh Ramirez (Circleville), English language arts; Samantha Ramnarine (Crispell), creative arts; Gabriella Ramo (Crispell), perseverance/effort; Kayla Robinson (Circleville), diversity; Anabelle Rodriguez (Circleville), citizenship; Gabrielle Rodriguez (Circleville), English language arts; Jonathan Shaw (Crispell), citizenship; Davenie Simeon (Circleville), perseverance/effort; Aryn Simmons (Circleville), mathematics; Tamilore Somorin (Circleville), creative arts; Meghan Taylor (Crispell), perseverance/effort; Yamileth Tobon-Gil (Crispell), perseverance/effort; Alivia Torres (Circleville), citizenship; Kalina Vasaturo (Crispell), sciences; Kiara Vasquez (Circleville), diversity; Yol-Emma Vellard (Circleville), citizenship; Zoha Wasim (Circleville), mathematics; Emma-Skye Wilson (Circleville), athletics

Port Jervis City School District

Aalyiah Aviles (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Royal Burke (Port Jervis Middle School), citizenship; Toria Burton (Kuhl), English language arts; Nicholas Carto (Kuhl), citizenship; Dana Clarke (Port Jervis High School), creative arts; Rene Collado (middle school), sciences; Calvin Crews (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), citizenship; Julius Cruz (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Tamiyah Dolshun (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Julian Dominguez (high school), foreign languages; Rudae Gadson (high school), mathematics; Coral Garcia (Kuhl), creative arts; Kiara Garcia (middle school), sciences; Andre Griffith (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Kiana Guy (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Rori Jergensen (high school), foreign languages; Kayla Johnson (middle school), diversity; Penny Jones (Kuhl), English language arts; Malachi Ladson (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Devin Lin (middle school), sciences; Elijah Majors (Hamilton), citizenship; Jaliyah McIntosh (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Ariana Merchan-Espada (Kuhl), English language arts; London Morrissey (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Tiahni Morrissey (high school), creative arts; Elijah Mullins (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Devin Munoz (high school), perseverance/effort; Scyler Phillips (high school), athletics; Jorge Rivera (Hamilton), perseverance/effort; Mia Romer (Kuhl), creative arts; Sarai Savoury (middle school), diversity; Nicholas Schultz (Hamilton), perseverance/effort; Tyra Scott (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Tariq Shajahan (high school), diversity; Ishtyaq Shajahan (middle school), citizenship; Layla Shihada (Kuhl), English language arts; Destiny Spangenberg (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Storer (middle school), sciences; Aaliyah Summons (middle school), citizenship; Tamjida Tanjum (middle school), citizenship; Nilaysia Terry (Hamilton), creative arts; Mya Rickell Toney (high school), citizenship; Sanaya Tucker (middle school), citizenship; Clarissa Van Dunk (Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Jorden Van Dunk (Kuhl), citizenship; Lila Weiser (middle school), citizenship; Kayin Williams (high school), perseverance/effort

Valley Central School District

Brendan Allen (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Kevin Anderson (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Leyla Anglin (middle school), citizenship; Jennifer Ardon (middle school), perseverance/effort; Sean Campbell (high school), creative arts; Alyssa Conn (middle school), perseverance/effort; Yolanni Cruz (middle school), citizenship; Karlie Diaz del Valle (middle school), athletics; Freddie Floyd (high school), citizenship; Matteo Folefack (middle school), citizenship; Hannah Gorton (middle school), perseverance/effort; Wayne Grant (high school), perseverance/effort; Kendell Holman (middle school), perseverance/effort; Genesis Martinez (middle school), diversity; Jade McMillan (middle school), mathematics; Shania Moore (high school), citizenship; Brandon Padilla (middle school), citizenship; Dallia Phillips (high school), perseverance/effort; Siena Primeaux (high school), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Robertson (middle school), citizenship; Armenly Rosa Hernandez (middle school), citizenship; Xiomara Sanchez (middle school), English language arts; Melissa Santiago (middle school), citizenship; Chaz Whitfield (high school), citizenship; Jayden Whitfield (high school), citizenship; Nick Yesupatham (middle school), citizenship; Isabel   'Izzy' Zica (high school), citizenship;

Warwick Valley Central School District

Kalira Bell (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Vince Britton (high school), citizenship; Daipaul Brown (high school), perseverance/effort; Samantha Buckley (Warwick Valley Middle School), creative arts; Ikonii Chiabi (high school), citizenship; Deiedre Dunkin (high school), perseverance/effort; Ana Garcia (high school), perseverance/effort; Austin Hays (high school), citizenship; Demi Herasme (high school), citizenship; Bella Jardine (high school), citizenship; Kristian Manzano (high school), diversity; Griffin McCarthy (middle school), perseverance/effort; Alejandro Morales (high school), perseverance/effort; Jose Chuy Ojeda Zambrano (high school), perseverance/effort; Destiny Reyes (high school), perseverance/effort; Shefa Rizvi (high school), citizenship; Tabatha Robledo (high school), perseverance/effort; Matthew Santiago (high school), citizenship; Olivia Sicherman (high school), creative arts; Jia Sun (middle school), perseverance/effort; Austin Taylor (high school), perseverance/effort; Julia Vargas (high school), perseverance/effort; Nicela Vega-Knowles (middle school), English language arts; Lian Walker (middle school), citizenship

Washingtonville Central School District

Grace Alvarado (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Desthiny Alvarez (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Julia Ariano (middle school), mathematics; Paige Bacigal (high school), sciences; Sydney Baez (high school), English language arts; Imaya Brown (middle school), foreign languages; Madison Brown (middle school), mathematics; Ava Campoverde (middle school), mathematics; Emma Campoverde (middle school), creative arts; Nina Castillo (high school), foreign languages; Katelynn Catedral (high school), English language arts; Amber Chaing (middle school), foreign languages; Amanda Chand (middle school), perseverance/effort; Arya Chareonlarp (high school), citizenship; Davini Chareonlarp (middle school), English language arts; Grace Chin (middle school), sciences; Jayson Cintron (high school), mathematics; Patricia Ciriaco (middle school), perseverance/effort; Bethany Colon (high school), foreign languages; David Dankwah (high school), sciences; Rachel Dean (middle school), foreign languages; Ariana Delgado (middle school), creative arts; Dianelys Diaz Castillo (high school), foreign languages; Samantha DiLiberto (middle school), English language arts; Laila Doyle (middle school), creative arts; Gabrielle Etnel (middle school), creative arts; Christopher Feliciano (high school), English language arts; Alayah Fernandez (middle school), sciences; Asia Fields (high school), sciences; Sofia Fredericks (middle school), sciences; Shane Fuentecilla (middle school), sciences; Madison Garcia (high school), mathematics; Morgan Garcia (middle school), mathematics; Cassidy Henry (middle school), foreign languages; Angelica Jaramillo (middle school), foreign languages; Gabrielle Legaspi (middle school), English language arts; Joseph Lim (high school), sciences; Grace Lively (high school), English language arts; Jose Luna V (high school), English language arts; Darian Maldonado (middle school), sciences; Junior Alexander Maldonado-Soto (middle school), foreign languages; Junior Anthony Maldonado-Soto (middle school), technology; Alyssa Marin (middle school), English language arts; Sofia Monaco (middle school), perseverance/effort; Angelica Morales (middle school), creative arts; Jacob Poppe (middle school), mathematics; Angel Quezada (middle school), foreign languages; Sebastian Reyes (middle school), mathematics; Chastity Robinson (middle school), mathematics; Arisleidy Rodriguez Nunez (high school), perseverance/effort; Desilee Roman (high school), foreign languages; Richard Romero (middle school), English language arts; Jade Sampson (middle school), English language arts; Dylan Schneider (middle school), English language arts; Shavier Small (high school), perseverance/effort; Gisselle Tapia (middle school), foreign languages; Jasmin Tapia (middle school), foreign languages; Madison Torres (middle school), mathematics; Bianca Valdes (middle school), English language arts; Estephanie Villalpando (middle school), sciences; Catherine Vo (middle school), sciences; Katerina Whelan (high school), athletics; Mark Whelan (middle school), mathematics; Charisse Whittington (high school), creative arts; Kaitlin Wood (high school), creative arts; Hannah Wright (middle school), sciences; Sofia Zizolfo (middle school), mathematics


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