X-Ray Machine, Table, Image Receptor and Operating Software Contemporize Radiologic Technology Program

PHOTO: New SUNY Orange X-ray equipmentMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – Collaborations between local businesses and organizations, energized friends and donors, and SUNY Orange faculty and administrators allow the College to enhance the student learning environment.

A collaboration between the SUNY Orange Foundation and the College paved the way for a new x-ray machine, table, image receptor and operating software are now available to students in the SUNY Orange Radiologic Technology degree program.

This new equipment is comparable to what students encounter during their clinical experiences, meaning they will now be better-equipped as graduates for today’s evolving healthcare field.

According to Nicole Rushing, chair of the Diagnostic Imaging Department, "The image receptor and computer function similar to a digital camera, but for X-ray. You take an X-ray, it's displayed in a few seconds on the screen and the system is ready for the next exposure. Prior to this, we were using an older plate reader (CR) and film in the darkroom for our experiments.

"Another feature is a very cutting-edge technology, which is a tablet that allows us to take X-rays with the digital receptor in either the new or old room without being wired into both. The new X-ray machine is ceiling mounted which allows us to move the equipment freely. We can now demonstrate trauma radiography and stretcher exams, which were very difficult in the past with the older equipment. Our new table not only allows for easy free-floating movement for positioning but also moves vertically. It features safety locks and a handle as well like many others in the hospital or outpatient sites.

PHOTO: SUNY Orange and SUNY Orange Foundation staff with new x-ray equipment"All of this will allow us to teach in line with changes at the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, which specifies what will be on the National Boards. For example, film was taken off the Registry with the focus being digital (computerized) and direct systems. The PACS system allows us to incorporate another operating system technologists use every day into our curriculum which better prepares students for employment as well."

Caption: Shown with the new equipment is, from left: Dr. Kristine Young, president, SUNY Orange; Dr. Russell Hammond, executive director, SUNY Orange Foundation; Nicole Rushing, chair, SUNY Orange Diagnostic Imaging Department; Bob Misiak, former chair and longtime faculty member in the Diagnostic Imaging Department; and Dr. Erika Hackman, vice president of academic affairs, SUNY Orange.


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