Continuing Students

Process to request Accommodation Notices

If you are NOT requesting any changes to your current accommodations you may now request your accommodation notices online.  Only use this process if you are requesting the same academic accommodations as the previous semester.  If you have been away from the college for one year or more you will need to meet with a Disability Specialist. 

If you wish to meet with a Disability Specialist to discuss your accommodations OR you are requesting a change to your accommodations, or have additional documentation to present, please contact OAS to schedule an appointment. 

Please note, it can take up to 3 business days to process your request or longer, depending on staff availability and if the Disability Specialist determines an in person meeting is necessary.   If an in person meeting is deemed necessary, you will be contacted via email by OAS and asked to contact our office to set up an appointment. 

To request your accommodation notices online for the upcoming semester please follow these steps. 

1.  Complete the Accomodation Notice Request Form. You will receive an email from OAS once your accomdations have been approved.  

2.  Once you have received your accommodation notices from OAS via your SUNY Orange email, approach your instructor to confirm if they have received your accommodation notice via email.  You may choose to print out your notice and hand a copy to your Instructor. 

3. Discuss with your Instructor if they will be providing your test and /or quiz accommodations or if you should plan to schedule tests or quizzes in the OAS testing rooms during our hours of operation.  

4. If you will be taking exams in the OAS testing rooms, you must schedule an appointment with the online OAS test appointment form or use a hard copy paper appointment form, for each test/quiz.

5.  You may choose to waive your accommodations for a test/quiz and take the test/quiz in class.  Please communicate this your Instructor so they are aware of your choice.