Committee Charge:

This is a standing committee of College Governance that has overall responsibility for recommending to the President’s Cabinet the goals, performance outcomes, and the allocation of resources necessary to meet the priorities of the Strategic Plan.

The committee also reviews annually the performance effectiveness of the College, as reported by the Assessment Advisory Committee, in relation to those goals and in the use of those resources.

Specifically, the committee:

  1. establishes a process, based on openness, transparency and collaboration, for the acquisition and review of college-wide plans and their related requests for budget support;
  2. prioritizes plans and related budget requests guided by division/department mission and goals that support the main elements of the Strategic Plan (the Academic Master Plan, as well as the Facilities, Technology, Resource Development, and Enrollment Management plans);
  3. justifies the allocation of resources in relation to the Strategic Plan;
  4. reviews annually the effective use of such resources, as reported to PBIE by the Assessment Advisory Committee and the Coordinator of Assessment;
  5. recommends updates to the priorities of the Strategic Plan, and recommends changes in the college’s operations to meet those priorities, based on Assessment Advisory Committee reports and institutional planning information.

Note: Charge revised Oct. 2005 after formation of Assessment Advisory Committee

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