TRIO graduate hoisting their cap into the airTRIO Services Offered

Career & Transfer Assistance

Career assessment and planning is available to each TRIO student. In addition, students pursuing to transfer to a 4 year college or university will receive guidance on the application process as well as identifying academic support programs.

  • Create an effective resume
  • Explore career options
  • One-on-one mock interviews
  • Visit neighboring transfer colleges
  • Review and map educational pathways

Personal & Academic Assistance

Each TRIO student plans for his or her academic success with a TRIO Advisor. In a friendly and caring environment, students learn to make the academic system work for them by identifying areas needing improvement and using campus services to reach their academic goals.

  • Managing your academic life
  • Using campus resources
  • Improving your ability to learn
  • Adjusting to your learning style
  • Managing time and money
  • Refining study skills
  • Solving college problems


As a part of the TRIO experience, students will enjoy an orientation specifically designed to meet their needs. This 2-day orientation provides SSS participants the opportunity to discover and familiarize campus resources and tools necessary for success.

  • Participate in team building
  • Experience direct group interactions
  • Explore what it means to “belong”

Study Skills

Study skills offered through the program focus on developing learning skills that maximize one's strengths and minimizes one's weaknesses in the context of one's learning style. Study skills are presented in a one-on-one or small group format.

  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Note taking
  • Test preparation
  • Memorization
  • Textbook reading

Use of Computer Lab

TRIO students may use the TRIO Resource lab or any additional campus computer labs to do homework and improve computer skills. They can use on-line financial aid applications and other computer software.

  • Writing assignments
  • Computer assignments
  • Computer workshops
  • Internet and email access