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Career Services:

  • Career Strategies Workshops Oct. 24 and 25
    (Petra Wege-Beers, Career Services)
    The Office of Career & Internship Services is hosting the workshop entitled "Career Strategies" on both campuses. Attend this free and informative workshop to discover the things you can do now, while still in school, to help put you on the...


  • Fall 2018 Newburgh Campus Used Winter Clothing Drive
    (Timothy Zeszutek, Criminal Justice)
    Please help… the Fall 2018 Campus Used Winter Clothing Drive, sponsored by the Newburgh Criminal Justice Club, will be held from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. Used “gently worn” winter clothing items being collected include coats,...
  • Fixing a Leak in the Longest Tunnel in the World
    (Dorothy Szefc, Cultural Affairs)
    If you’ve wondered what those gigantic pipe segments are that you may have seen along River Road at Steelways in Newburgh, they will be used in the new tunnel that is being drilled 600 feet under the Hudson River. In order to eliminate a ...
  • High School Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition
    (Alison Fisher, Student Support Initiatives)
    SUNY Orange will host a spaghetti bridge building competition from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8 in the Shepard Student Center's Fireplace Lounge, during which high school teams compete in a timed head to head competition to build...
  • Jazz in the Gallery... Friday evening
    (Dorothy Szefc, Cultural Affairs)
    A truly American music, jazz has its roots in various cultures, and it is played and revered all over the world. At SUNY Orange, it is a focus of the music department. And from that, many very good young musicians learn it and love to play this great m...
  • The Third Party Option in US History and the Green Party Today
    (Michael Strmiska, Global Strudies)
    This evening will combine a lecture by Political Science Professor Paul Basinski on the history of third party movements in American political history, and presentations by two Green Party candidates, Howie Hawkings, Green candidate for NY Governor, an...

General News:

  • Adopt a Family 2018
    (Keara Cronin, Administration & Finance)
    Once again it is time to prepare for our annual Adopt a Family drive.  Our Adopt a Family program is celebrating its 15th year!  Since 2003, we have adopted a total of over 803 families, or 2,...
  • Radiologic Technology Open House will be Nov. 8 and 15
    (Nicole Rushing, Diagnostic Imaging)
    National Rad Tech Week is Nov.  4-10, which celebrates the amazing discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen on Nov. 8, 1895, and the work of those in the field who make diagnostic medical imaging possible.  Stop by our open house ...
  • Transformation of Bookstore and Food Services Featured by
    (Mike Albright, Communications)
    The College Association's successful transformation of the Bookstore and Food Services functions is drawing attention from others within the higher education community. Below is an excerpt from an article in the upcoming Communit...
  • Volleyball Intramurals Begin Oct. 30
    (Stacey Morris, Athletics)
    Volleyball intramurals will be held each Tuesday and Thursday, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 30, from 11 a.m. to Noon in the Schmid Gymnasium of the Diana Physical Education Center on the Middletown campus. Students, staff and faculty are welcom...


  • College Assembly Agenda for Oct. 22
    (Paul Basinski, Global Studies)
    Members: Attached is the agenda for our Monday, Oct. 22 College Assembly. I'll have updates on a variety of items, and we will hear from Dr. Young as well. If you have scrolling announcements, I need them sent to me by Friday, ...

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