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A.A.S. in Marketing

This program gives students a framework for the exciting and rapidly changing field of marketing. Emphasis is placed on developing such skills as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Attention is given to such core business tools as accounting and computer information systems as well as liberal arts courses. Possible career areas include: marketing, management, advertising, marketing research assistant, professional selling, and international marketing.

A.A.S. Marketing Course Sequence

Steve Winter TeachingIt is the mission of the Orange County Community College A.A.S. Marketing Program to prepare the students in its curriculum in such a manner that they may graduate and be able to obtain a position in the business world.  

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of marketing principles and applications.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate market segments and strategies.
  • Students will express business information and ideas effectively in both oral and written forms.

(Course information is included here for your convenience, but please refer to current online catalog for definitive course sequence information.)

First Semester

Course number Course name Credits
ENG 101 Freshman English I 3
---- Math or Liberal Arts Science 3
OFT 106 Keyboarding** 1
BUS 161 Computer Applications in Business 3
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 4
BUS 103  Introduction to Business 3

Second Semester

Course number Course name Credits
ENG 102 Freshman English II 3
---- Any Social Science 3
---- Math or Liberal Arts Science 3
BUS 101 Business Math 3
MKT 101 Principles of Marketing 3

Third Semester

Course number Course name Credits
MKT 115 E-Marketing Principles 3
BUS 201 Business Law I 3
MKT 203 Marketing Management 3
MKT 201 Advertising 3
BUS 105 Business & Society 3

Fourth Semester

Course number Course name Credits
---- Any Social Science


MKT 204 Problems in Marketing


BUS 203 Business Communications


ART 123 Visual Comm & Graphic Design 3
MKT 202 Salesmanship or  
MGT 220
Business Internship*
Total Course Credits:

* Students need approval of the Chair to register for this course, and at least 2.5 CQPA.

** Students with sufficient keyboarding ability who pass the keyboarding waiver exam will fulfill this requirement; they do NOT need to replace the 1 credit.