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Web-Enhanced and Online Courses

Join us for these special technology-rich experiences:

  • Web-enhanced courses
  • Totally online courses

When you do, you will experience the blend of the best teaching practices and the newest technology tools as you study and learn. The department offers:

  • Online Courses, in which you study entirely using the computer, the Internet and the college's Blackboard server. All of your lectures, applications and class activities are completed from your own PC; that includes conferences with the instructor and discussions with the other members of the class.
  • Web-Enhanced Courses. In these courses, you attend the regular weekly classes, interact with the instructor and classmates in the classroom; then you use the college's Blackboard software to review assignments, handouts; go to Links of added interest and information; have private online conferences with the instructor, or participate in group project work.

For more information about the online experience and the benefits of taking online or web-enhanced courses, be sure to view the following opinions from SUNY Orange professors.

  • Alex Jakubowski. Professor; MA (English) SUNY Binghamton; BA (English/American History) SUNY Oswego. He has taught such courses as Developmental Writing, Freshman English I and II, Technical Writing (Electrical Technology), Science Fiction, Journalism: Mass Media, and online courses such as American Literature I and II.
  • Anne Sandor. Associate Professor; MFA (Creative Writing) Vermont; BA (English) Vassar; AA, SUNY Orange. She has taught courses such as Developmental Writing, Freshman English I and II, Contemporary Novel, American Literature, Women Writers, and online courses such as Freshman English I and II and accelerated Contemporary Novel. She has published works of both poetry and prose.