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Research Paper Guidelines

Subject Areas

Students may submit a paper on any topic, provided that the student has worked with a faculty mentor from SUNY Orange throughout the course of completing that research paper, poster, or project.

Note: If a student has completed research with a mentor from another institution through a program sponsored by SUNY Orange, please contact Michele Iannuzzi Sucich (at michele.iannuzzisucich@ sunyorange.edu) to determine if that research is eligible for presentation at the SOARS Conference.


The methods and tools of research/analysis will vary from discipline to discipline. For example, field work might be part of an anthropology presentation while lab reports might be featured in a scientific or technical paper. All submissions must show the results of research, reflection, and an original perspective. Students should work closely with their mentors early on to determine the appropriate nature and scope of their research.



Students’ work will be evaluated on the basis on the quality and originality of research, of the written work, and of the creative piece, project, or poster. Students will receive feedback from faculty readers by February 15. They then have the option of making revisions to their work if they choose before presenting it at the conference in mid March. This deadline for feedback also will allow students interested in submitting a research paper to the regional Beacon Conference the opportunity to use this feedback in preparation for the Beacon Conference annual submission deadline of March 1st.


Guidelines for Research:

  • Research must include reputable, academic sources.
  • As with any research project, you are responsible for evaluating source material and ensuring the selection of credible sources. For example, Wikipedia is not considered a credible source because anyone can provide information to that Web site.
  • In general, follow the guidelines of the particular discipline in terms of the expectations for scholarly research (i.e., for the sciences, peer-reviewed primary sources from scholarly journals).
  • The method of documentation should be whatever is appropriate to the discipline (i.e., MLA for the Humanities, APA for the Social Sciences, CMS for History)


Length of Written Work

Research Paper

  • Minimum: 7 typewritten, double-spaced pages of text



  • The paper must be typed (Times New Roman font size 11 or 12 or Calibri font size 11), double-spaced, with left-hand margin of 1” and at least 1” top, bottom, and right.
  • Pages must be numbered with Arabic numerals in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The title page must include:
    • student’s name, home address, e-mail address, and phone number
    • title of paper
    • faculty mentor’s name, e-mail address, and phone number
    • title of course for which the paper was written or the project was created, or a statement that the work was done independent of a course



Each paper, project, brief, or poster must be submitted electronically to Michele Iannuzzi-Sucich at Michele.IannuzziSucich@SUNYOrange.edu. Each individual submitting to the conference must also complete the submission form found on the SOARS web site. An e-mail from the faculty mentor must also be sent verifying approval of the submission.


Submission Deadline: Please see the Dates to Remember Page for the current submission deadline.