SUNY Orange Website Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to establish SUNY Orange procedures and guidelines for operating and maintaining a high quality, marketing and service oriented World Wide Web presence, including a coordinated presentation of accurate and important information directed to a wide variety of constituents.

Along with a coordinated presentation, SUNY Orange is committed to the support and encouragement of freedom of expression among College units in development of SUNY Orange web pages. This document describes the rules to be followed while creating web pages for the SUNY Orange website.

Table of contents

  1. Definitions
  2. General Policy
  3. NYS Mandatory Technology Standard
  4. Additional Requirements
  5. Coding Practices
  6. Accessibility
  7. Personal Business & SUNY Orange Web Resources
  8. Additional Notes

1. Definitions

  • The term "unit" in this document refers to a SUNY Orange academic or administrative program or unit, including the units whose pages reside on the main College web server.

2. General Policy

  • The Department of Institutional Advancement is responsible for managing and maintaining the SUNY Orange World Wide Web presence, in conjunction with SUNY Orange Information and Technology Services (ITS) department.
  • The guidelines specified in this documents apply to all units and any other College web pages.

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3. NYS Mandatory Technology Standard

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4. Additional requirements

4.1 Unit web pages

  • All units must create storyboards for their web pages. A storyboard represents the logical structure of the website.
  • All units must designate their Web Page Manager. The Webmaster will work with the Web Page Manager on a regular basis to create and update content. This person will be responsible for assuring the accuracy of information provided on the unit web pages, and for coordinating all activities regarding the web pages.

4.2 Templates

  • All SUNY Orange web pages must be created using the same template provided by the Webmaster. Any locked parts of the template may not be modified.
  • Units may be required to create a nested template based on the master template to be used to create all unit web pages.

4.3 Preferred development tools

  • All Web Page Managers must use Adobe Contribute to update their web pages.

4.4 Required information on unit web pages

  • Name, phone number and email address of the Director/Chair, or person in charge of the unit
  • Name, phone number and email address of all full-time faculty members in the unit; (if appropriate)
  • List of degrees or services offered by the unit;
  • A link to the official SUNY Orange Course Schedule (for academic units). Please do not recreate the text for this information – use the following link:
  • A link to the official SUNY Orange Catalog Course Descriptions (if appropriate) for the unit. Please do not recreate the text for this information – use the following:
  • An email address and/or a phone number for questions about the website and/or the unit

4.5 Logos, headings and page titles

  • Logos are not permitted with few exceptions. Instead, a unit header provided by the Webmaster must be used.
  • If an acronym is used to refer to a unit name, the unit name on the header must be spelled out first followed by an acronym in parentheses. (e.g. Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA))
  • Page titles (<title> tag) must follow the following standard: SUNY Orange: Unit Name

4.6 Fonts

  • The <font> tag is not allowed
  • All fonts are defined in the master stylesheet supplied with the master template. No new font declarations should be necessary.
  • Graphic headings should either use "Minion Condensed" or "Trade Gothic" fonts. To obtain the specified fonts, please contact the Webmaster. If you would like to use another font, please consult the Webmaster first.

4.7 Colors

  • SUNY Orange official website colors include:
    #FFFFFF #0099CC #99CCFF #FF3300 #F37321
    #000000 #2E3336 #DCE7ED #FF9900 #005596
  • Use of any other colors is not permitted unless approved by the Webmaster

4.8 Images

  • Images must
    • Be representative of SUNY Orange;
    • Be produced with correct production methods (e.g. Image resolution must be 72 dpi. All images must be either in JP(E)G or GIF formats depending on the type of the image);
    • Be proportionally correct;
    • Be a small file size so as to download quickly;
    • Contain correct URL paths (src attribute) so that the images appear correctly on the web page;
    • Conform to the copyright policy;
  • If you need photos of SUNY Orange people or places, contact the Department of Institutional Advancement (x4725). If you need help producing images for the web, contact the Webmaster at;
  • Images may not be used to convey paragraphs of text;
  • If you are taking your own photos for use on your website, please obtain a release from any persons shown in the photo, from our Media Guide page.

4.9 Links and navigation

  • All web pages except for the home page should explicitly indicate the user's location. This can be easily accomplished by using the so-called "breadcrumbs" (e.g. Unit Home Page >> Programs & Degrees) .
  • When linking within SUNY Orange's website, only relative links are allowed
  • Links from a College page to any non-College site must not imply College endorsement of the site’s products or services. A disclaimer should be displayed if non-endorsement is not evident from the context. Links violating this policy will be deactivated.

    If non-endorsement is not evident from the context the disclaimer must read:

    "Clicking on this (these) link(s) will take you out of the SUNY Orange Web site. The college cannot be responsible for the content on these pages, although the links on this page have been reviewed and are recommended by the members of <<your unit.>>"

4.10 File and directory names

  • All file and directory names must be in lowercase (including the file extensions). Spaces and other irregular characters are not allowed.
  • All plain HTML (non-dynamic) files must use .html extension for the proper insertion of the server-side includes

4.11 Browser issues

  • Check your web pages to be sure they display correctly in Internet Explorer. If possible, also test them in Google Chrome and Firefox.

4.12 Multimedia

  • For animations, video and audio please contact the Webmaster.

4.13 Spelling

  • All content must be spelled-checked. To use the spell-checker in Contribute, press F7. Please note that the Contribute spell-checker is not as powerful as the one built into Microsoft Office.

4.14 Information redundancy

  • Duplication of information should be avoided. If the information to be included on a web page already exists on another web page, a link to the latter should be provided
  • Please do not recreate the text for the SUNY Orange catalog and schedule. Use the following links instead:

4.15 Commercial advertising

  • Commercial advertising is not permitted on pages published on SUNY Orange Web servers. This includes banner advertisements as well as graphic images that promote a commercial service and some text links. No graphic or text may imply SUNY Orange's endorsement of commercial products or services. A disclaimer should be displayed if non-endorsement is not evident from the context.

4.16 Copyright

  • Copyright laws apply to electronic publishing as well as to print publishing. Publishers must have permission from the copyright owners to copy and display text, graphics, or photographs on their pages. In the alternative, publishers must have a reasonable basis for believing their use of copyrighted materials of others constitutes fair use or that the materials are in the public domain. Electronic publications are subject to the same SUNY Orange policies and standards as print publications.

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5. Coding Practices

5.1 HTML

  • All HTML must be valid. To validate an HTML document, browse to WWW Consortium's HTML Validator page at or use the Validator built into Macromedia Dreamweaver (HTML version used: XHTML 1.0 Transitional)
  • All tags must be in lower case
  • The following tags are not allowed:
    • all tags marked as D(eprecated) on the list of HTML elements (World Wide Web consortium)
    • <b> - use <strong> instead
    • <i> - use <em> instead
    • <iframe>
  • All tags that have a closing tag must be closed. These include <p>, <li>, <td> and <th>.
  • Use of frames is not permitted
  • All attributes must be in lower case
  • Attribute values must be enclosed in double quotations (")
  • Attributes marked as D(eprecated) on the list of HTML attributes are not allowed

5.2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • All CSS must be valid. To validate, go to
  • CSS should be used for visual formatting as much as possible. Beware of the browser incompatibilities.
  • Web Page Managers will only CSS available in Contribute.

5.3 Scripting

  • Web pages must be usable if scripts are disabled

5.4 Databases and server-side programming

  • All database and server-side programming projects must be coordinated with the Webmaster
  • Server-side database: MySQL
  • Server-side scripting language supported: PHP

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6. Accessibility

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7. Personal Business & SUNY Orange web resources

  • SUNY Orange resources may be used to create Web pages about an individual or an individual’s interests but may not be used to create Web pages for personal business, personal gain, or partisan political purposes, except as permitted by other College policies or by law.

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8. Additional notes

8.1 Uploading web pages to the web server

  • All web pages must be approved by the Webmaster before they can be posted live.
  • The Webmaster must be provided with all of the site files. Units might be asked to provide source files of images, flash movies, etc.
  • The Webmaster reserves the right to make minor changes to the web page to make it compliant with the SUNY Orange website guidelines;
  • Web pages may only be uploaded to the "live" web server by the Webmaster or the Webmaster's designee.
  • Unit web pages must be updated on a regular basis. In case a web page with outdated content is encountered by the Webmaster, the unit will be notified. If updated content is not provided, the Webmaster reserves the right to remove the content and/or entire web page.

8.2 Notes on design

  • Web pages must be designed with the non-technical end user in mind. Please note that users come to the website to locate information and it is our task to make it as simple and intuitive for them as possible. Using too much graphics, colors and cluttering the page with content will only overwhelm the end user.
  • Remember that most successful websites are also simple in design. Simple designs make maintenance easier.
  • Please try to create web pages using the official colors and general theme of the SUNY Orange website. Do not try to make your pages look as if they belong to some other website. The template will help you but you will also need to use common sense as well as the existing web pages as a point of reference.

8.3 Technical Support

  • Contact the Webmaster for all technical support issues regarding the website.

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If you have any questions, need assistance or training, feel free to contact the Webmaster at