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Business Suzanne Krissler

Effective with the Fall 2017 semester, the following changes will be made:

  • MGT 204 Entrepreneurship - the course description will be updated.
  • OFT 208 Computer Fundamentals for the Office will be removed from the college catalog.  This course no longer exists.
  • Marketing AAS degree - Business Elective will be changed to either MKT 202 Salesmanship or MGT 220 Business Internship, the Liberal Arts Elective will be ART 123 Visual Com & Graphics Design I, and the third semester options (BUS 111 or MKT 115) will be changed to MKT 115 E-Marketing Principles.
  • Clerical Office Assistant Certificate - OFT 201 Records/Information Management will be moved to the first semester in place of OFT 208.  A Business Elective will be moved to the second semester to take the place of OFT 201.

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