Summer Acceleration Courses

This program is non-credit coursework designed to help new students who place into developmental courses meet their reading, writing, and math requirements as quickly as possible. Many students who participate in the College Readiness Program have the opportunity to begin the Fall semester in college-level coursework.

The Pre-semester Accelerations present a special opportunity for new SUNY Orange students who have placed into Basic Writing Skills 2 (WRT 040) or Developmental Algebra (MAT 020).

The Summer Institute courses, in reading and writing or arithmetic, are for new students who place into both Reading and Study Skills and Basic Writing Skills 2 (WRT 040) or Developmental Arithmetic (MAT 010).

These accelerated immersion courses are designed to review, refresh and reinforce basic language and math skills through instruction and lab practice. Students who successfully complete these courses will be reevaluated upon completion to determine their final placement for the Fall semester.