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Health Professions

Students who are interested in applying to one of the Health Professions Programs should note that admission to these programs is competitive. All applicants undergo a thorough review which includes a review of program-specific admissions eligibility requirements, and department-specific requirements. Not all students that apply are accepted to the program.

All clinical and professional courses in the Health Profession Programs meet during the day at the Middletown campus, with the exception of our Fall Evening Nursing program in which classes meet from 4-10pm in Middletown.The only program currently offered in Newburgh is a day-time Nursing program that only begins in the Spring Semester.

How to Apply

All students must submit an online Health Profession application for their program of choice. If the student is a New, Transfer or Re-admit to the college, this application will also be treated as the general application for admission.

  • Students can only submit ONE health professions application each term.

  • All supporting documents must be received by the application deadline.
    • Fall application deadline: February 1
    • Fall LPN - RN (Newburgh Campus) deadline: May 1
    • Spring application deadline (Nursing only): October 1
    • Spring LPN - RN (Middletown Campus) deadline: November 1

  • All Health Professions Programs require a department-specific pre-admission seminar.
    • Nursing and PTA applicants must submit the seminar paperwork to Student Services Central in Middletown or Newburgh, or can email the documents to apply@sunyorange.edu 
    • Dental Hygiene, MLT, OTA, and Radiologic Technology applicants must attend an in-person pre-admission seminar.

Health Profession Application Deadlines

 All application materials must be received by the Admissions Office prior to the posted deadlines:

  • Middletown Fall Programs: February 1st (Application opens October 1st)
  • Newburgh Spring Nursing: October 1st (Application opens August 1st)
  • Middletown Spring LPN to RN: November 1st (Application opens August 1st)
  • Newburgh Fall LPN to RN: May 1st (Application opens February 1st)

Students who apply for fall health professions programs will be sent a decision on the status of their application by no later than April 15.

Students who apply for the Spring Nursing program will be sent a decision by November 15. LPN to RN applicants will be notified in December.

Health Profession Review Process

The Office of Admissions, in conjunction with the Health Profession Departments, review each applicant fairly and equally in the process.  The Office of Admissions will review applicants based on the Admissions Requirements and the Department Specific Requirements as listed on the departments Resource Page. 

Points will be awarded based on:
1. Overall program GPA
2. The number of program credits completed
3. GPA in science related courses: 
4. For Nursing students specifically they may be awarded additional points for their overall score on the TEAS exam.

Once a students points are calculated they are ranked based on total points and forwarded to the appropriate department chairs for final review and final decisions. 

 How Points Are Calculated

*Effective for Fall 2020 review*

Program GPA: Admission Counselors will evaluate each applicant's academic course work from all colleges attended including SUNY Orange. The courses that will be applicable in the review process will be ones that are listed on the resource page in which a student received a grade of "C" or better.

Transfer students will have their letter grade(s) from the appropriate courses and attended colleges considered when evaluating the program GPA.

For example, if a student received a "C" in English 101 from another school, this would be calculated in the program GPA.

Once the counselor has calculated the program GPA, the Program GPA is multiplied by 3.

Additional points will be awarded based on overall program GPA: (the program GPA is calculated based solely on the courses listed on the Resource Page - not based on a students cumulative GPA)

0-1.9: Students would not qualify for the review process
2.0-2.39: 60 points
2.4-2.79: 80 points
2.8-3.39: 100 points
3.4-3.79: 120 points
3.8-4.0: 140 points

Additional points will be awarded based on the number of program credits completed:

0-.99 credits: 0 points
1-5.9 credits: 40 points
6-10.9 credits: 50 points
11-15.9 credits: 60 points
16-20.9 credits: 70 points
21-26.0 credits: 80 points

Additional points will be awarded based on an applicants GPA in the Required science courses in each Health Profession Curriculum:

2.0-2.39: 30 points
2.4-2.79: 40 points
2.8-3.19: 50 points
3.2-3.59: 60 points
3.6-4.0: 70 points

*Only the science courses required in the students health profession program will be counted in this process*

Additional points will be awarded to Nursing students based on their overall TEAS score

Basic: 0 additional points
Proficient: 60 additional points
Advanced: 120 additional points
Exemplary: 180 additional points

Example of how points are calculated:

Program GPA of 2.75 multiply by 3 = 8.25 points
25 credits complete = 80 additional points
Program GPA of 2.75 = 80 additional Points
Science GPA of 3.5 = 60 additional points

Total Points: 228.25 points

Students will be ranked based on total points and forwarded to the appropriate department chairs for final review and final decisions.

 Transfer Credit

Students who have competed college level coursework at other institution(s) must submit all official college transcripts to the Office of Admission prior to the application deadline. The admissions office will review each transcript individually to find the relevant coursework completed as detailed on the program Resource Page.

For the Health Professions Review process, only coursework directly applicable to the students intended course of study is recalculated in the review process. The student must have received a grade of "C" or higher for the course to be considered in the admissions review process. No clinical coursework can be transferred in.

PLEASE NOTE: The fact that a course appears in this list is no guarantee that the course will transfer in your individual case. Additionally, some courses may not appear on this list, but may be eligible for transfer.

Please also keep in mind that most of the Health Professions programs require specific coursework to have been completed within the last 5 or 10 years of the application deadline as detailed on the Resource Page, so if a course is completed outside of that specific time frame it will not be considered in the review process.

 Click here to view our transfer credit database:

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 To view the colleges official policy on all transfer credits please visit the Registrar's page.

Please review our FAQ page for more information.