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Center for Student Involvement

If you have any questions or need to meet with a staff from our office, please email us at studentinvolvement@sunyorange.edu.

Mission Statement:
The Center for Student Involvement encourages the involvement and active participation of students. We work collaboratively with students to create a culture of high expectations that helps them discover their potential through the design and implementation of programs that enrich the life of the campus community. Through their involvement, students ultimately enhance their own personal leadership skills, career skills, and their total breadth of experiences and relationships. These experiences better prepare them for a lifetime of success in dynamic, diverse, and challenging environments in global and local communities. At the same time, the department also recognizes the proven need for fun and entertainment in promoting healthy learning and student retention.

Vision Statement:
The Center for Student Involvement implements model programming and co-curricular learning opportunities that complement the academic environment of the college and promote the character development of students through their involvement in these programs and opportunities.

Values Statement:
The Center for Student Involvement works toward this vision and the creation of programs and opportunities that are closely connected to the written values of SUNY Orange including:

  1. Citizenship, expressed as public involvement, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and a commitment to service. 
  2. Leadership that establishes vision, respects tradition, mobilizes action, facilitates collaboration and solves problems. 
  3. Creativity and discovery in artistic expression, humanistic endeavors, and scientific activity. 
  4. A student centered environment, which fosters an informal, friendly, and lasting community. 
  5. People oriented faculty, staff, and students who are accessible, helpful, and friendly, bringing a respect for others and an appreciation of diversity to our academic endeavors. 


Middletown and Newburgh BOA at NACA 2019

Members from Middletown and Newburgh, Board of Activities attend NACA Conference.