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A.S. Degree in Business Administration

Program Description:

This curriculum has been designed for those who plan to continue their business education at a four-year college. After transfer, graduates may major in areas such as: management, marketing, finance, or human resource management. Because degree requirements vary at transferring institutions, majors are urged to see their business faculty advisors and contact the Admissions Office of the transfer institution.

It is recommended that students entering this A.S. Program have successfully completed three or more years of College Preparatory Math and have an overall high school average of 75 or above.

Course Sequence:

It is the mission of the Orange County Community College A.S. Business Administration Program to prepare the students in its curriculum in such a manner that they will successfully continue their business education at a four-year college.  

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the general nature, structure, resources, and operations of business organizations.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to explain an organization's basic accounting, finance, management, marketing, and legal functions.
  • Students will express business ideas and information effectively in both oral and in written forms.

(Course information is included here for your convenience, but please refer to current online catalog for definitive course sequence information.)

First Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 101 Freshman English I 3
MAT ---* Selected Math Courses 3
OFT 106  Keyboarding**** 1
BUS 161  Computer Applications in Business 3
ACC 153 Financial Accounting 4
-----** Restricted SUNY Elective 3

Second Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 102 Freshman English II 3
MAT---* Selected Math Courses 3
ECO 201 Macro-Economics 3
ACC 154 Managerial Accounting 4
MKT 101 Principles of Marketing 3

Third Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ECO 202 Micro-Economics 3
----- SUNY Natural Science List 3
BUS 205 Business Statistics 3
BUS 201 Business Law I 3
MGT 201 Principles of Management 3

Fourth Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
----*** Restricted SUNY Elective 3
BUS 203 Business Communications 3
BUS 202 Business Law II 3
BUS 207 International Business 3
MGT 205 Human Resource Management 3
  Total Course Credits: 63

* Select one of the following pairs of courses: MAT 121 & MAT 122 (minimum requirement); or MAT 122 & MAT 205; or MAT 131 & MAT 205; or MAT 205 & MAT 206.

** SUNY American History or Western Civilization or Other/World Civilization or Arts or Foreign Language lists.

*** Select from list not chosen in Second Semester Restricted SUNY Elective list above.

**** Students with sufficient keyboarding ability who pass the keyboarding waiver exam will fulfill this requirement, they do NOT need to replace the 1 credit.