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Copyright at SUNY Orange

What are our Copyright Guidelines?

The College has produced two complementary guidelines for use by Faculty and Staff:

What is Copyright?

Copyright protects original works of authorship. The copyright holder has the exclusive rights to:

  • reproduce or copy
  • produce derivative works based on the copyrighted work (right to modify)
  • distribute copies of the work
  • perform the work publicly
  • display the work publicly

In general, before using or modifying any work, such as a portion of a book, an image from the internet, a piece of artwork or music, a design, or a computer software program, copyright issues should be considered.

Who can give me advice or help me with a Copyright Question?

  • Library Questions: Andy Heiz - Library Director andy.heiz@sunyorange.edu x4251
  • Academic Questions (Blackboard, DL Content, Classroom): Maureen Larsen - Director of Academic Technology - maureen.larsen@sunyorange.edu x4484
  • Internet Questions (Social Media, Website): Mike Albright - Executive Director of Communications x4728