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Liberal Arts Degrees in Education

Liberal Arts & Sciences
Associate in Arts & Associate in Science

The Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS) Degrees prepare students for transfer to obtain a bachelor's degree at a four year college or university. Students interested in obtaining a NYS Teaching Certificate can begin here at SUNY Orange by entering an AA or AS Liberal Arts program and indicating Education Emphasis as their area of academic interest.

The "General Electives" section in the AA degree requirements gives students opportunity to select courses related to their education career. Examples of such courses are:

  • EDU 103 - Introduction to Early Childhood/Childhood Education
  • MAT 111 - Foundations of Elementary School Mathematics
  • ENG 216 - Children's Literature
  • PSY 221 - Child Psychology
  • PSY 222 - Psychology of Adolescence
  • EDU 107 - Mandated Training: Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse; Prevention and Intervention of School Violence
  • EDU 207 - Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education in America
  • EDU ___ Certain other courses in this series may be selected. (Not all EDU ___ may transfer.)