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SUNY Orange Rowley Center

Food Services

Micro Market Seating Area - Rowley CenterSUNY Orange offers two food service options, micro markets and food trucks.

Micro markets

A micro market is an self-service food kiosk where students can choose their favorite food and beverages and pay using their credit card, phone or their market card. Micro markets offer a wide variety of items that are restocked regularly.

A keyfob market card is provided to students along with their parking passes at the Center for Student Involvement in the Shepard Center on the Middletown Campus, and in the Tower Building Basement on the Newburgh Campus.

Market cards balances can be loaded with cash at the kiosk, or with credit/debit cards at the kiosk or online at Avanti Markets.

Micro market seating area - Shepard CenterSUNY Orange micro markets are located on the Middletown Campus at the Rowley Center for Science and Engineering, the Shepard Student Center Fireplace Lounge, and the Bio Tech building near the South Street entrance. On the Newburgh Campus, there is a micro market located in Kaplan Hall.

Each micromarket also provides hot coffee and a microwave for heating hot food items. There is plenty of seating and tables at or near to each micro market.

The micro market hours of operation are the same hours of operation as each of these buildings. If the building is open, then the micro market is open for business.