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Sojourner Truth Awards to be Presented March 8

February 25, 2019

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will celebrate the outstanding achievements of 635 local students attending Orange County schools when the College hosts its 29th Sojourner Truth Awards Program at 6 p.m., Friday, March 8 in the Edward A. Diana Physical Education Building on the Middletown campus.

The Sojourner Truth Awards Program honors students from grades 6 through 12 who have excelled in areas such as athletics, citizenship, creative arts, diversity, English language arts, foreign languages, perseverance/effort, sciences, and technology. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and to motivate students to consider college as a viable and attainable goal. 

The evening’s keynote speaker is Melinda E. Martinez, director of the Marist Liberty Partnerships Program, a dropout prevention and college access program for more than 340 underrepresented youths in the Poughkeepsie City School District. Martinez also volunteers as a local youth dance teacher. She is a member of the Middle Main Community Leadership Program and the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement New York City Alumnae Board. Both organizations focus on giving back to the community through service and education.

Martinez, who is passionate about helping youth succeed in and out of the classroom, has dedicated her life to working with adolescents because she believes that our youth are our future. In addition to helping adolescents reach their highest potential, Martinez is also a community advocate who strives to empower her community by meeting their needs with academic services, mentoring, health, and financial resources.

Martinez graduated from Marist College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a concentration in theatre. She later earned a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology from Marist as well. She was valedictorian and graduate speaker at her master’s degree commencement.

In addition to speeches and the awards ceremony, four high school sophomores will be presented with scholarships on behalf of the SUNY Orange Foundation.  The evening’s program will also feature a presentation of colors by the Middletown High School Junior ROTC and entertainment by SUNY Orange student Darius Beckford. 

Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th Century. Born Isabella Bomefree (later spelled Baumfree) in about 1797 in Hurley, N.Y., Isabella was sold four times before she and her daughter were given their freedom in 1828. She spoke low Dutch until she was about 10 years old and never learned to read or write. In 1843 she changed her name to Sojourner Truth to reflect her chosen mission of traveling to show people their sins and telling them what is true. She is often cited as one of the most effective and powerful speech-makers of her time.

Corporate funding for the program and awards ceremony comes from presenting sponsors Orange & Rockland Utilities and O’Connor Davies.  To learn more, visit SUNY Orange’s Sojourner Truth website at www.sunyorange.edu/stap or call the Office of Student Services at 845 341-4000.

2019 Sojourner Truth Winners

Chester School District

Jonathan Alfonso (Chester Academy High School), athletics; Ariana Azeez (Chester Academy Middle School), English language arts; Sarai Chavez Flores (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Chasity Faison (Chester Academy Middle School), citizenship; Luis Gonzalez (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Ariana Gray (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Seungju Hong (Chester Academy Middle School), creative arts; Joshua Hopkinson (Chester Academy High School), mathematics; Kailyn Liu (Chester Academy High School), sciences; Kayleen Matos (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kevin Mejia (Chester Academy High School), foreign languages; Nancy Nieves (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Kayana Phillip (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Yesibel Pimentel (Chester Academy High School), citizenship; Amaya Rojas (Chester Academy High School), athletics; David Santos (Chester Academy Middle School), citizenship; Angelina Scifo (Chester Academy High School), citizenship; Esther Tanis (Chester Academy Middle School), English language arts.

Cornwall School District

Halle Bishop (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Ian Caldwell (Cornwall Central High School), citizenship; Kayla Hodge (Cornwall Central Middle School), creative arts; "Leah Johnson-Carter (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Martine Louis (Cornwall Central High School), English language arts; Ethan Manalo (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Alyssa Mansano (Cornwall Central Middle School), sciences; Vanessa Perez (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Kaylee Sanchez (Cornwall Central High School), citizenship; Rebecca Torres (Cornwall Central Middle School), creative arts; Joy Usen (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Moses Usen (Cornwall Central Middle School), English language arts; Samiya Watkins (Cornwall Central High School), creative arts; Ashley Weir (Cornwall Central High School), perseverance/effort; Jalil White (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages.

Enlarged Middletown School District

Kara Abiodun (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Jason Albanez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Matthew Allen (Middletown High School), citizenship; Bianca Amabile (Monhagen Middle School), foreign languages; Arlene Arenas (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Abmarie Arroyo (Middletown High School), mathematics; Zariyah Ashton (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; David Atakora (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Fernando Barrales (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; "Bryan Barrales Aleman (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Jasmin Bell (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Ahmad Black (Middletown High School), mathematics; Deja Bowen (Middletown High School), citizenship; Nicolas Bowman (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Tate Brenner (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Cecil Brownridge (Middletown High School), athletics; Mikayla Bulson (Middletown High School), mathematics; Kelly Caguana (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Aamir Castillo (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Israel Castillo (Middletown High School), mathematics; David Castillo Trujillo (Middletown High School), mathematics; Hakim Chambers (Middletown High School), diversity; Matthew Charles (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Stephen Charlot (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Terrence Christian (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Brianna Christian (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Marcello Citriniti Priest (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; True-Allah Clark (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Bless Clarke (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Ayana Collins (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Kayla Consiglio (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Daniela Corano (Middletown High School), mathematics; Natalie Cunningham (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Maya Davila (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Anaia Dawkins (Twin Towers Middle School), technology; Itziar De'Clavijo (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Augustine DeLeon (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Aziz Devlin (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Darius Edwards (Middletown High School), citizenship; Faustina Elia (Middletown High School), mathematics; Tanya Esquivel Zamudio (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Alejandra Esquivias (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Reneah Fedelicio (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sean Ferranti (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Madison Figueroa (Middletown High School), creative arts; Emily Figueroa (Twin Towers Middle School), technology; Julia Fitzgerald (Middletown High School), mathematics; Scott Franco (Middletown High School), mathematics; Lexavier Galarza (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Janela Garcia (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Joseph Garcia Rivera (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Karoll Gonzalez Herrera (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sergio Gonzalez Monroy (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; O'Naliea Grant (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Cameron Green (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexandra Greve (Middletown High School), mathematics; Juan Guerrido Jr. (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Maria Guzman Rivera (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Nathan Halsey (Middletown High School), mathematics; Elisha Hodges (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Caitlin Irizarry (Middletown High School), mathematics; Michael Jimenez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Miguel Jimenez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Keisha Johnson (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Gracie Jones (Middletown High School), mathematics; Arriana Kerr (Middletown High School), mathematics; Oluwasayo Kumapayi (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Debora Leighton (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Alexis Lopez (Middletown High School), technology; Krystian Lopez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Karla Lopez (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Katie Lynch (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sydney Magrane (Middletown High School), mathematics; Citlalli Marin (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sebastian Marquina (Middletown High School), mathematics; Keyara Maxwell (Middletown High School), athletics; Jayden McKane (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Jaemiee McKnight (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Orlando Mendoza (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jean Mendoza-Ortiz (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexa Moncada (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Jason Montano (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Tyshawn Moody (Middletown High School), mathematics; Edgar Morales (Monhagen Middle School), diversity; Catalina Naizaque (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Luis Narvaez-Sanchez (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Nariyah Nelson (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Aicha Niane (Twin Towers Middle School), foreign languages; Olivia Noel (Monhagen Middle School), diversity; Daisy Ann Norman (Middletown High School), mathematics; Bria Oatman (Middletown High School), athletics; Jalissa Ocasio (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Kaley Odle (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Richard O'Leary (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Mia Olvera Santiago (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brian Ortiz (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Litzy Ortiz-Ramales (Middletown High School), citizenship; Melissa Parker (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Joshua Pierro (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jordyn Primus (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Alexander Quinones (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Thanisha Raj (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Bryan Ramos (Middletown High School), mathematics; Nazareth Richardson (Middletown High School), citizenship; Juliana Richardson (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Angelina Rodriguez (Middletown High School), citizenship; Xavier Rodriguez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Shawn Rosa (Middletown High School), athletics; Roger Rosas (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Eduardo Salinas (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Carlie Salomon (Middletown High School), mathematics; Joshua Sam (Middletown High School), mathematics; Sisa Sarango Quizhpe (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Arianna Saverino (Middletown High School), mathematics; Darius Sheppard (Middletown High School), mathematics; Emmanuel Soriano (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Collin Strauch (Middletown High School), mathematics; Joshua Suarez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Brayan Suquilanda (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Amiya Swift (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Ayden Tietze (Middletown High School), mathematics; Alexander Torres (Middletown High School), mathematics; Ociana Torres Cabal (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Andrew Torres Laboriel (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; James VanKallen (Middletown High School), mathematics; Gabriella Vazquez (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Erik Zapata-Marin (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Stanley Zhen (Middletown High School), mathematics; Shareef Zil (Middletown High School), citizenship; Allison Zuclich (Middletown High School), mathematics.

Florida School District

Alexavier Agosto (S.S. Seward Institute), citizenship; Natalya Camacho (S.S. Seward Institute), perseverance/effort; Michael Campbell (S.S. Seward Institute), athletics; Edward Celiz (S.S. Seward Institute), English language arts; Justin Chino (S.S. Seward Institute), foreign languages; Jakob Cruz (S.S. Seward Institute), creative arts; Yasmin Cruz (S.S. Seward Institute), mathematics; Angelina Daniel (S.S. Seward Institute), mathematics; Eden Forde (S.S. Seward Institute), sciences; Camila Fuentes (S.S. Seward Institute), English language arts; Memphis Garcia (S.S. Seward Institute), mathematics; Shayna Marcano (S.S. Seward Institute), creative arts; Alana McLeod (S.S. Seward Institute), foreign languages; Josely Medina (S.S. Seward Institute), sciences; Tyler Pauwels (S.S. Seward Institute), mathematics; Bernard Nathan Rebaya (S.S. Seward Institute), sciences; Emely Ruiz (S.S. Seward Institute), foreign languages; Sophia Ruiz (S.S. Seward Institute), creative arts; Elliana Santiago (S.S. Seward Institute), foreign languages; Gabrielle Smalls (S.S. Seward Institute), citizenship; Angela Squillace (S.S. Seward Institute), foreign languages; Daryll Walker (S.S. Seward Institute), technology; Elizabeth Wesonga (S.S. Seward Institute), sciences.

Goshen School District

Evelyn Aguilar (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Samantha Alejo (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Manuel Almanzar (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Andrea Amaro (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ahmed Arif (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Brandon Arroyo (Goshen High School), citizenship; Alma Baez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Yanet Bautista (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Bryce Bayack (C.J. Hooker Middle School), sciences; Briana Bowden (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Katleen Bricourt (Goshen High School), perseverance/effort; Julio Cabrera (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Joel Carrillo (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Catherine Casagrande (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Caryn Clark (Goshen High School), creative arts; Mia Colangelo (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Anthony Deleon (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Emily Dowling (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jadel Amaria Estiverne (Goshen High School), creative arts; Amanda Fernandez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Jasmine Fernandez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Jamila Fierros (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kiran Foster (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Mia Garcia (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Carlos Garcia (Goshen High School), technology; Yamen Ghaly (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Gurkirat Ghotra (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Halle Glasgow (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Phoenix Graham (Goshen High School), mathematics; Jessica Herrera (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Lizaida Irizarry (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Leangie Jimenez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), creative arts; Candace Jones (Goshen High School), creative arts; Aidai Kerimkulova (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jon Korca (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Connor Krauss (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Oakkar Kyaw (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Manuel Lara (Goshen High School), athletics; Raul Marin (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Raquel Martinez (Goshen High School), foreign languages; Nicole Merchan (Goshen High School), perseverance/effort; Sebastian Merchan (Goshen High School), perseverance/effort; Natalie Mill (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Hasher Mir (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Forrest Mitterbauer (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Maurice Moreno (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Max Moreno (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Karol Moya (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Isabella Nicholson (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Katie Palau (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kiara Paulino (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Anna Pavlidis (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Eric Pinos (Goshen High School), mathematics; Julisa Posada (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Naima Puertas (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mia Reynoso (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Gabrielle Rivera (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Damaris Rodriguez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Solimar Rodriguez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Christopher Rosso (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Haley Rubiera (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rhyse Ruffy (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Chloe Saltzberg (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brianna Sanchez (Goshen High School), English language arts; Christofer Sanchez Daza (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Juan Santos (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brooke Torres (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Noor Uppal (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Benicio Vanichpong-Barbosa (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Yzabella Velazquez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Maria Vidals Pita (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Hunter Villareal (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Jordan Weaver (Goshen High School), athletics; Jayda White (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jayden White (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Greenwood Lake School District

Jack Slicker (Greenwood Lake Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery School District

Belinda Aketch (James I. ONeill High School), creative arts; Maximus Alberici (James I. ONeill High School), perseverance/effort; Giuseppe Brito (James I. ONeill High School), foreign languages; Victor Cadet (James I. ONeill High School), diversity; Hugh Goffinet (James I. ONeill High School), citizenship; Fred Hendrix (James I. ONeill High School), perseverance/effort; Emme Richards (James I. ONeill High School), technology; Nathalia Rodriguez (James I. ONeill High School), English language arts; Janne Rowan (James I. ONeill High School), athletics; Anna Thomas (James I. ONeill High School), perseverance/effort; Carl Tyce (James I. ONeill High School), technology.

Minisink Valley School District

Tyrell Jamahl Audain (Minisink Valley High School), athletics; Blanca Ayala Santana (Minisink Valley High School), English language arts; Sharlin Barragan Lara (Minisink Valley Middle School), English language arts; Elijah Beamon (Minisink Valley Middle School), English language arts; Madison Boyce (Minisink Valley Middle School), mathematics; Nasier Brown (Minisink Valley High School), mathematics; Audrey Cahill (Minisink Valley High School), foreign languages; Shannon Cahill (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Cloe Fain (Minisink Valley High School), diversity; Jaylin Gomez (Minisink Valley High School), foreign languages; James Henriques (Minisink Valley High School), athletics; Danielle Hernandez (Minisink Valley High School), English language arts; Nyree Hidalgo (Minisink Valley Middle School), English language arts; Carter Hitt (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Jonathan Howard (Minisink Valley High School), creative arts; Ciara Howard (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Leila Khoufaify (Minisink Valley High School), sciences; Mukoko Kinzonzi (Minisink Valley High School), citizenship; N'Senga Kinzonzi (Minisink Valley High School), diversity; Madison Kipp (Minisink Valley High School), athletics; Tiana Kuo (Minisink Valley Middle School), mathematics; Alexa Llucemo (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Isaiah Long (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Anna Victoria Mazariegos (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Tia Millwood (Minisink Valley High School), English language arts; Melanie Rodriguez (Minisink Valley Middle School), perseverance/effort; Yocelin Rodriguez (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; David Rolon (Minisink Valley High School), athletics; Roshan Roopchand (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Sameer Roopchand (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Taya Ryan (Minisink Valley High School), foreign languages; Krz Ryan (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Leah Saunders (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Sophia Solimando (Minisink Valley Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rebecca Solorzano (Minisink Valley Middle School), perseverance/effort; Anahi Soriano (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Emerald Trejo (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences.

Monroe-Woodbury School District

Ayaan Ahmed (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Carlos Amaya Hernandez (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Karina Aviles (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Dmytro Baranovich (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Tori Bennett (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Jordan Brown (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), mathematics; Emely Carranza (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Amir Cochrane (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Andrelee D'Avilar (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Daveas Espinal (Monroe-Woodbury High School), athletics; Christian Garner (Monroe-Woodbury High School), athletics; Kelli Gatling (Monroe-Woodbury High School), athletics; Layla Greene (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Sebastian Hazel (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Eduardo Herrera (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Abigail Jeangilles (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Christelle Jimenez Delaleu (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts;

Omar Lawrence (Monroe-Woodbury High School), mathematics; Sophie Marseille (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jenna Martinez (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), sciences; Laila Mustafa (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), sciences; Nadia Nieves (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Deborah Oke (Monroe-Woodbury High School), mathematics; Miriam Oke (Monroe-Woodbury High School), mathematics; Leonardo Paomino (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Alyssa Ray (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Manny Remache (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Geraldine Romero Martinez (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Angelina Romero Martinez (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Isaiah Taborn (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Emily J. Taveras (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), mathematics; Mwelwa Tetteh-Nartey (Monroe-Woodbury High School), mathematics; Jason Toxqui (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brendan Tsang (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Lauren Widjajawiguna (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Newburgh School District

Ian Alvarado (Temple Hill Academy Elementary School), creative arts; Stephen Barnes (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), English language arts; Anthony Barrett (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), citizenship; Ava Blackinton-Celentano (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), diversity; Justin Chavis (Heritage Middle School), citizenship; Sydaim Dale (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), English language arts; Justin Flores (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Matison Fowlin (South Middle School), diversity; Taylor Franceschi (South Middle School), perseverance/effort; Zyan Fryar (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Michael Galdamez (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), technology; Nia Griffin (Heritage Middle School), citizenship; Liorah Hayes (Heritage Middle School), citizenship; Alliana Lightbody (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Isaiah Lindsey (South Middle School), diversity; Iyana Lynch (Heritage Middle School), citizenship; Jada Moody (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), citizenship; Jasmine Ngo (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), mathematics; Makaylah Riley (Heritage Middle School), perseverance/effort; Omaily Santos Caballero (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Ghaiyna Shah-Khan (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), sciences; Litonya Smith (South Middle School), diversity; Xavier Williams (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort.

Pine Bush School District

Yasmin Aguilar (Circleville Middle School), foreign languages; Jade Armstrong (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Lavar Atkinson (Circleville Middle School), foreign languages; Loune-Kerna Aurelus (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Angel Barrientos-Bedoya (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Kayla Benoit (Circleville Middle School), diversity; Tiara Bernard (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Giovanna Brooks (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Paris Brown-Reed (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Matthew Bukovsky (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kayanna Cauthen (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Mariah Charles (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Ayla Corey (Crispell Middle School), diversity; Michael Cragan (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Emma-jay Dacosta (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Michael DiPiazza (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Cheyenne Duggins (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Michael Engelsen (Crispell Middle School), technology; Jada Falu (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Katrell K. Fowler, Jr. (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Colin Gallagher (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Isabella Gallego-Herrera (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Remi Garcia (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kellyanis Garcia Betancourt (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rhianna Garmendiz (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Dane Gentles (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Isaiah Haque-Rudecindo (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Faith Harvey (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Camden Hoetzel (Crispell Middle School), technology; Sidney Hurtado (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Moyosoreoluwa Ifafore (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Selineda Josaphat (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Owen Julien (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mathew Kadanthod (Circleville Middle School), foreign languages; Allissa Kelley (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Hailey Korpai (Crispell Middle School), diversity; Neville Lamey (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; India Latta (Circleville Middle School), technology; Janice Lin (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; George Lozano (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Diego Mateos (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Megan McCarthy (Crispell Middle School), diversity; Tanayah Melvin (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nia Merritt (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Muhammed Mian (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Jaedyn Newberns (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Abigail Oliveras (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Maria Orantes-Quevedo (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rey Ortiz (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Cheyenne Owens (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Rahi Patel (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Jamya Peartree (Circleville Middle School), technology; Jabaria Peartree (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sydney Perez (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Carrie Phillips (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Helene Pongnon (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Joshwa Quinonez (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Keon Raphael (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Mya Riquelme (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Anabelle Rodriguez (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Javion Roldan (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jocelyn Sarabia Hernandez (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Morgan Silva (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Jahesa Stokes (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Nora Sweeney (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ahmeer Terry (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Mackenzie Todd (Crispell Middle School), creative arts; Darius Toussaint (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Stephanie Tranchina (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Robert Valencia (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Donato Venditti (Crispell Middle School), technology; Araceli Villafane (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; James Michael Vizzari (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Zalaya Williams (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Klaus Williams (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Jordyn Wilson (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Lydia Yelle (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Elon Zanetti (Crispell Middle School), mathematics.

Port Jervis School District

Delilah Allen (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Azalyah Allen (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Estherlin Barrientos Tonge (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Skyianna Blue (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Toria Burton (Port Jervis Middle School), foreign languages; Isaac Cayetano (Port Jervis High School), sciences; Zoya Chaudhry (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Elisha Chaudhry (Port Jervis Middle School), sciences; Richard Crews (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Carroll Dolshun (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics; Ni'ya Drake (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; Eric Durkins (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), creative arts; Talisha Estela Beltran (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Sydney Fallen (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Anna Figueroa (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics; Ivan Figueroa (Port Jervis Middle School), sciences; Rudae Gadson (Port Jervis High School), citizenship; David Garcia (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; David Gerardo Trujillo (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Yailyn Gonzalez (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Aniyah Green (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics; Kareem A. Haynesworth, Jr. (Port Jervis High School), creative arts; Christopher Hicks (Port Jervis Middle School), English language arts; Jammy Hong (Port Jervis High School), sciences; Crystian Hurst (Port Jervis Middle School), sciences; Penny Jones (Port Jervis Middle School), sciences; Meghan Lauture (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics; Sammie Lian (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), English language arts; Anna Mahlen (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), creative arts; Michaella Meritil (Port Jervis Middle School), technology; Meera Patel (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Ayden Prespare (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), diversity; Michelle Queen (Port Jervis Middle School), creative arts; Zaria Reid (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Brielle Rene (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Elisa Rivera (Port Jervis High School), sciences; Joshua Rizwan-Mursalin (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), mathematics; Troi Roberts (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; Evan Rodriguez (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Zariah Rosario (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; Jessica Sang (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Aylah Seda (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), creative arts; Elijah Shearn (Port Jervis High School), athletics; Jasdeep Singh (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), English language arts; Chasity Spearman (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Amia Summons (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Jarinaira Suquilanda Santos (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Phaella Toussaint (Port Jervis High School), citizenship; Elia Trujillo Castillo (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Jesus Trujillo Santiago (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), diversity; Alexander Valentin (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), creative arts; Daysha White (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics.

Valley Central School District

Miguel Aguilar-Flores (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Danielle Angus (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Jayshawn Brown (Valley Central High School), citizenship; Yolanni Cruz (Valley Central High School), mathematics; Modesty Escalante (Valley Central High School), citizenship; Kaitlyn Guarneri (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Jeniffer Guncay (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Raysean Johnson, Jr. (Valley Central Middle School), athletics; Shanaz Karim-Doran (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Amber Lewis (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nahdia Mattinson (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Haylie Nugent (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Aliyah Pabey (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Adriana Pascal (Valley Central High School), mathematics; Darius Phillips (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Robertson (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Grace Rodriguez (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Rebecca Rodriguez (Valley Central Middle School), English language arts; Danielle Saravia (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Annalise Smallwood (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Bianca Staples (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Erin Treiland (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Fiorella Vega (Valley Central Middle School), athletics; Tylia Walker (Valley Central High School), mathematics; Femi Yusuff (Valley Central Middle School), mathematics.

Warwick Valley School District

Emma Andoh (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Behailu Bekele-Arcuri (Warwick Valley High School), citizenship; Malcolm Conley (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Bridget Corcoran (Warwick Valley High School), citizenship; Alanna Garner (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Chane Garvey (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Vidar Hageman (Warwick Valley High School), citizenship; Kris Anthony Haughton (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Michael Moore (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Destiny Reyes (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort.

Washingtonville School District

Alex Alana-Munoz (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Ayiana Alvarez (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Tara Baeza (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Jenna Belcher (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Isabella Brown (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Madison Brown (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Fernando Burgos (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Audrey Caesar (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Patrick Calva (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Amber Chaing (Washingtonville High School), sciences; Leah Chan (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Violet Chang (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Davini Chareonlarp (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Neyleen Colon (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Ammey Colon (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Alex Cruz (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Isabel Cruz (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Isabella Cuadrado (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Andrew Dahlstrom (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Stephanie Danquah (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Myles Dansby (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Diana DeRosas Almonte (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Natalya Diaz (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Samantha DiLiberto (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Christian Dominguez (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Onyinyechi Erondu (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Jillian Etnel (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; James Faith (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Clark Francisco (Washingtonville Middle School), diversity; Shane Fuentecilla (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Zaire Gadson (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Ethan Garcia (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Shyenn Garris (Washingtonville Middle School), athletics; Gabrielle Gellys (Washingtonville High School), mathematics; Danyale Harper (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Cassidy Henry (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Gabrielle Holness (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Gabriella Huertas (Washingtonville High School), diversity; Kayla Jackson (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Missdollar Jean Charles (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Alexis Jones (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alliyah Leonty (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Travis Loyola (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Mahabir (Washingtonville High School), diversity; Aiden Mangan (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Mann (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Kailani Martinez (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Kiana Martinez (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Isabella Medina (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Matthew Medina (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Xavier Mely (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Madison Mobray (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Olivia Monaco (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Sofia Monaco (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Tywan Myrick, Jr. (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Leilani Nishimoto (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brian Noronha (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Gabriel Otero (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Elbita Pacheco (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Mario Rodriguez (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Andrea Rodriquez Cancel (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Adelyn Sandobal (Washingtonville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mishika Sawhney (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Dylan Schneider (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Jasmine Silvestre (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Gisselle Tapia (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Jasmin Tapia (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Olivia Tran (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Juan Valle (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Katherine Velez (Washingtonville High School), athletics; Catherine Vo (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Isabelle Vo (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Mark Whelan (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Ava Williams (Washingtonville Middle School), technology; Z'Ilah Wright (Washingtonville High School), diversity; Sofia Zizolfo-Gonzalez (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts.