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SUNY Orange's 68th Commencement Exercises will be held on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Below please find important Commencement information for your review. Many of you may be familiar with the Commencement ceremony format, however, if you are new to the College this information may be useful.

You can view and/or print the Academic Procession Line-up by navigating to P:\Commencement_Info. Click on Academic Procession Line-Up 2018 and Academic Procession Line-up Cover Sheet. To find your place in the line-up press control F and type in your last name. This will bring you to your place in the line-up. Listed at the end are the names of those excused, those who will be sitting on the platform, and those who are on duty.

If you are sitting on the platform you should assemble in the mansion where you will get instructions from Carol Murray. If it rains, the Platform Party will assemble in the Dance Studio located in the Physical Education Building.

Mark Strunsky with the help of a few others will be organizing the Line of March. If you have any questions regarding Faculty Line-Up, you can contact him at ext. 4792 or e-mail mark.strunsky@sunyorange.edu



Thursday, May 17, 2018
Commencement Ceremonies begin at 5:00 p.m. SHARP


All faculty, staff and graduates are required to wear academic regalia (caps & gowns). If you do not have your own regalia, a cap, gown and hood may be ordered from the College Bookstore. You must contact the Bookstore as soon as possible. The deadline to purchase/rent academic regalia is March 30, 2018. Rental prices and applicable late fees when renting after the deadline can be found on the Bookstore website at www.bkstr.com/sunymiddletownstore. Any questions please call (845) 341-4815. The information needed by the Bookstore is: degree held, from what college or university, your height, weight and hat size.




Graduates will assemble in the Concourse area of Horton Hall at 4:25 p.m. SHARP. Faculty and Emeriti will assemble right behind the Graduates. The platform party will assemble at Morrison Hall and will be at the end of the procession line. Formation time for Faculty & Emeriti will be 4:40 p.m.

The formation will be completed at 4:45. At precisely 5:00 p.m., the procession will begin.

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Graduates will assemble in the upper corridors. The head of the line will be in the corridor which is at the end of the hallway (South field side.) The line will run through the observation deck of the handball courts and continue down the corridor adjacent to the P.E. offices, ending in the main lobby.

Faculty and Emeriti will assemble in the basement of the P.E. Building. The head of the line will be in the area adjacent to the main men's locker room (South field side), continue down the corridor and through the entrance level to the handball courts. The line may be long enough to extend beyond the handball court area down the adjacent corridor. They will march up the stairs to the upper corridor and into the gym. The Platform Party will assemble in the Dance Studio in the Physical Education Building.

Since the building will be crowded it is important that you pay strict attention to the student and the faculty formation leaders. After lining up, on signal from the Marshal of the Exercise, the formation will proceed to the gymnasium.

Marching Order:

  • (1) Marshal of the Exercise
  • (2) Chairman of Commencement
  • (3) Student Marshal
  • (4) Graduates
  • (5) Professors Emeriti
  • (6) Faculty & Staff
  • (7) Alumni
  • (8) Platform Party.

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The procession will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. and will proceed to the Alumni Green. IT MUST BE EMPHASIZED THAT ALL GRADUATES WHO APPEAR AFTER 4:45 A.M., MAY BE INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE PROCESSION LINE.

Men only will remove their caps for the National Anthem and the Alma Mater.

Graduates will remain seated until it is announced ‑

"Will the graduates please rise."

On signal from a staff member, graduates in the front row will face left, walk out of their row and proceed to the platform to receive diplomas. When the first row begins to move to receive diplomas, the remaining graduates will be seated in order not to obstruct the view of the audience.

When the first row has reached the end of the far left seats (watch our staff member), the graduates of the second row will stand and follow behind the last graduate of the first row…the third row will follow the second…etc., through all the rows. Graduates will not go forward to receive their diplomas until their names are called (watch Mr. Harpst). Upon receiving diplomas, graduates will return to their original seats by entering their rows on the same side as when first seated and sit down immediately.

After all diplomas have been awarded the Vice President of Academic Affairs will instruct all graduates to move their tassels to the left signifying they are now Alumni of the College.

After the last speaker has delivered his/her speech Dr. Kristine Young will instruct all assembled to rise for the playing of the Alma Mater. The Marshal of the Exercise will lead the Recession.

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The aisle for the recession will be the aisle on the graduates' left. (as they are seated facing the platform). In the recession, the reverse order of the procession will be used ‑ i.e., Marshal of the Exercise, the Platform Party, Professors Emeriti, Faculty & Staff, Student Marshal and Graduates. In the recession the graduates march out last, after the Faculty & Staff. It is most important that the Student Marshal lead the graduates along the roadway passing the Library, Morrison Hall, Orange Hall to Harriman Hall before they break. This will ensure there will be no crowding at the end of the line.

IF IT IS RAINING, space will not permit the graduates to recess (march out of the gym). Only the platform party and faculty will be in the recession. Graduates will remain at their seats in the Gym. When the music stops, graduates will then be free to leave, meet parents and friends, etc. Please advise your guests to leave the Physical Education Building as soon as possible to relieve congestion. They may leave from all doors marked "EXIT" including those directly out from the large gymnasium.

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