Faculty Profiles and Testimonials

Professor Mark Strunsky: Music (Arts & Communications Department)

The current success and growth of the Honors Program is a dream come true for me. I was a strong advocate for the creation of such a program at our college.

The Honors Program gives instructors at SUNY Orange an opportunity to re-think course material and take a fresh, more student-centered approach. Students in the program have an opportunity to learn how to learn in new ways. This process nurtures the seeds of inquiry and fosters a thirst for lifelong learning. It is exciting to see bright, devoted students discover new ideas and develop new skills, largely through their own efforts.

Professor Michele Paradies: Biology (Biology Department)

Teaching Honors courses gives me the opportunity to interact with students on topics related to current global biology issues, such as increasing sustainability, scientific ethical / responsible use of science, and amphibian decline. Our Honors students demonstrate independence, self-motivation and dedication. It is both thrilling and inspiring to see them grow as academics and as citizens over the course of their time in Honors.

Assistant Professor Heidi Weber: History (Global Studies Department)

So many opportunities exist in the Honors Program. There are so many fantastic special topics courses as well as the chance to truly engage in community activities. The students in the program develop a community with their peers based on the unique bonds they share. It is always a pleasure to teach and learn with the Honors Program students.

Assistant Professor Vincent (Vinnie) Marasco: Sociology (Behavioral Sciences Department)

The Honors Program at SUNY Orange is “second to none.” I’ve been teaching honors classes for many years and am thoroughly impressed by the program and its outcomes. Students learn a variety of important skills… communication, leadership, and citizenship, just to name a few. The program prepares students for “real world” experiences and a variety of challenges they may face throughout their lives. Honors students continue to impress me as we learn together.