OAS Proctored Testing Appointments Students with documented disabilities can arrange to have a proctored test in the Office of Accessibility (OAS) as an accommodation. The OAS offers test proctoring services to ensure the delivery of testing accommodations. In order to take an exam, the following must be on file in the OAS before the day of the exam:
  • Current Accommodation Letter for the course; and
  • Supporting documentation of disability.
There are two ways a student can schedule an OAS proctored testing date/time:

1. Students can complete the paper form, available at the OAS office, complete the student portion of the form and return it to the OAS office or drop box. Then deliver the instructor portion of the form to the course instructor to complete and return the the OAS office along with a copy of the exam.

2. Make an appointment online. You must know the following information to use the online form:


  • Regardless of the appointment method used, students must schedule your testing time a minimum of four days in advance of the test date to ensure enough time to prepare test materials and accommodations.
  • Please remember exam time starts at your appointment time. If you are late that time will be deducted from your total exam time.  If you are rescheduling a test appointment you must get your professor's permission to do so and contact us.