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Spring Open House

BRIDGES will be hosting concurrent Open House sessions on both the Middletown and Newburgh campuses on Monday, April 10th from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. If interested in attending one or both sessions, please rsvp to bridges@sunyorange.edu and include your name and preferred telephone number.


BRIDGES now offers workshops on both the Middletown and Newburgh campuses! Students can choose to experience BRIDGES from two convenient locations in Orange County. 

The BRIDGES Program at SUNY Orange is a comprehensive three-year suite of noncredit workshops for anyone interested in learning and improving the basic skills of adulthood. Students have the flexibility to choose full time or part time enrollment, based on their needs and can choose to take workshops on either the Middletown or Newburgh campuses. 

Our Middletown campus offers the same great program that our students have come to know and love. Our new and exciting Newburgh option offers all the same workshops with an emphasis on applied and experiential learning to increase students' adaptive skills in order to foster greater success with functional independence!

Workshops cover areas of common interest to adults, especially young adults, but fall outside traditional matriculated programming.  Workshops include:  

  • Building social and professional relationships
  • Time Management 
  • Money Management 
  • Setting Up Your Living Space  
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Career Exploration - Identifying your skill set and strengths
  • Career Readiness - Preparing to uses your skill set 
  • Workplace Communication 
  • Self Advocacy & Citizenship
  • Health & Wellness - Self Care 
  • Stress Management 

Workshops are offered at three levels – Introductory (100), Intermediate (200) and Advanced (300).  Each semester, students may enroll in any of the seven workshops available to their level and in the appropriate sequence.  For example, new students begin in the fall at the 100 level.  Upon completion of the fall workshop, students may continue in the spring in subsequent workshop.  Students who complete 100 level workshops may continue to 200 and 300 level workshops.  Students who complete all workshops at all three levels earn a certificate awarded to them at the college’s annual commencement ceremony. 

All students should have access to a community that supports their dreams and works with them to achieve their goals! ”