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Medical Office Management Degree

“My goal of a career in the field of medicine is finally being realized. I feel confident that I will enter the work force as a much-valued professional thanks to the training and preparation of the Medical Office Assistant program offered at SUNY Orange.”

-- Nicola Farro

Why a Medical Office Management degree?

The number and variety of medical office environments are growing, from hospitals to long-term care facilities to health maintenance organizations, imaging centers and outpatient services. The medical office management career offers a broad array of jobs with skills to choose from any of the following fields - the choice is up to you:

  • Medical billing
  • Medical reports production
  • Medical insurance reporting
  • Medical records

Why a Medical Office Management degree at SUNY Orange?

The answer is simple: success and cost! Fore more than 50 years we have been preparing students for careers as office management. Three special emphasis areas are provided: legal office assistant, office manager and secretary/information processor. Our outstanding success rate for job placement along with our tremendously affordable tuition rates, makes SUNY Orange the logical place to start on the road to the office career you desire.

Top five reasons to study the Medical Office Management degree at SUNY Orange:

  • Small classes, credentialed faculty, individual attention, nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • Medical office careers are listed as one of the "fastest growing" in the Hudson Valley.
  • The College offers modern office equipment in computer labs and online courses are available.
  • Internship experience completes the graduate's resume - some leading to jobs in legal firms, educaitonal environments or civil service positions.
  • Graduates can transfer to Franklin University for a bachelor's degree in applied management.

We are small enough to give you individual attention and experienced enough to give you individual encouragement. Our dedicated and experienced faculty will provide individual guidance to help you reach your educational and career goals. Please feel free to contact the department Chair, or an Admissions counselor, for more information.

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 101 Freshman English 1 3
OFT 108 Introduction to Keyboarding and Office Applications 3
---- Math or liberal Arts Science 3
BUS 103 Introduction to Business 3
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 4

Second Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 102 Freshman English 2 3
---- Any Social Science 3
OFT 103 Medical Coding 3
---- Any Social Science 3
OFT 109  Advanced Office Applications** 3

Third Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits

RAD 219 and health or other approved elective 1, 2, or 3 credits

Medical Terminology  1
OFT 209  Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 3
BUS 203 Business Communications 3
MGT 205  Human Resource Management 3
OFT 207  Transcription Skills (Medical) or  
OFT 211  Medical Transcription 3

Fourth Semester

Course Number Course Name Credits
---- Liberal Arts Elective 3
OFT 214 Excel and Access** 3
OFT 201 Records/Information Management  3
MLT 110  Fund. of Medical Physiology  3
OFT 220 Office Internship* 


  Total Course Credits: 60

*Students need approval of the Chair to register for this course, and at least 2.5 CQPA

**Medical Modules

For a complete description of this degree and the individual courses, please refer to the College Catalog.