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Community Based Services


Consultation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing suggestions regarding implementation and use of assistive technology.
  • Recommendations for modifications, changes and upgrades to existing assistive technology.
  • Support the use of assistive technology in the home and workplace.


Computer Lab Training*

NOTE: Takes place in the SUNY Orange Center for Assistive and Rehabilitative Technology

Computer lab training provide hands-on assistive technology opportunities to consumers, families and caregivers.

These labs seek to promote the use of AT in the home and enhance the individual’s ability to independently access their environment.

*Specific need or request please contact Donna Frazier at: (845) 341-4323.

Training Workshops

Practical, hands-on, performance-based instruction provided at the Center focuses on developing competencies in assistive technology as well as other types of technology (e.g., instructional technology, adaptive equipment) that can improve the quality of life of persons with special needs.

Customized workshops regarding topics such as assistive technology tools, implementation and integration, adaptations and tools for independence in activities of daily living,  joint protection techniques, safe assisted transfers and bathroom safety.