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Phlebotomy Course


The Spring 2024 Phlebotomy class is full. 

Two Information Seminars will be scheduled for students who would like to take the course Fall 2024.  Please check back January 2024 for the schedule.

Accreditation Information

Approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NACCLS).

5600 N. River Road
Suite 720
Rosemont, IL 60018

Phone: (773) 714-8880
E-Mail: info@naacls.org

Steps to Apply

Information Seminar (required attendance)

The Spring 2024 Phlebotomy class is full. 

Two Information Seminars will be scheduled for students who would like to take the course Fall 2024.

Please check back January 2024 for the schedule.

Admissions Requirements

  • Attendance at the Information Seminar.
  • High School Diploma or GED is required.
  • Successful completion of a physical examination which includes Tuberculosis screening, proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella.
  • Successful completion of a criminal background check and a 10 panel drug screen.

Clinical Facilities

Course Description

7 credits, 210 hours, 15 weeks

Training in drawing and handling blood samples for laboratory testing in hospitals, doctors' office, and large service laboratories. Emphasis on approved methods and safety, medical terminology, anatomy, and laboratory procedures.

Students are eligible to sit for National Certification Examination upon successful completion of this NAACLS approved course of study.

Structure and Cost

  • WEEKS I, II, III - students attend class on campus Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-2pm. 
  • WEEKS IV - XV - Students report to their assigned clinical facility. The day begins anytime from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. It may be three mornings per week or two full days (Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday), or a combination of these times. Students continue to attend lecture on campus. 

This schedule is subject to change.

Enrollment is up to 15 students per semester.

Cost: Approximately $1970.00 (includes tuition, lab fee, technology fee, and insurance) 

Additional Costs: Textbooks, scrubs, additional background check and possible other site specific fees.

Outcome Measures

  • The three year average graduation rate is 94%.
  • The three year average pass rate on the Phlebotomy ASCP Exam is 100%.
  • The three year average employment rate is 100%. Many of our students do not seek employment but continue their education in the Nursing, Radiologic Technology, or Medical Laboratory Technician Programs.

 Phlebotomy - Essential Functions

A detailed listing of these essential functions is included and discussed at the Phlebotomy orientation session.

Note:  Both Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 29 U.S.C.A. Sect. 794 and the new Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit discrimination against ‘otherwise qualified’ persons with a disability. If an applicant can perform those ‘essential functions’, he or she is ‘otherwise qualified’ under the law and must be treated the same as people without a disability. A person who cannot perform the ‘essential functions’ is not ‘otherwise qualified’ and may be denied access to the program without being subject to legal action for discrimination.

(From NAACLS NEWS, Volume 50, fall 1991)

Graduation Rates:  

Graduation Year # of students who began final half of the program Attrition in final half of the program # of graduates Attrition % Graduation rate % 3-Year average graduation rate
2020 20 1 19 5% 95%  
2021 16 2 14 13% 88%  
2022 18 0 18 0 100% 94%


ASCP Board of Certification Exam Pass Rates:

Graduation Year # of graduates # of graduates who took exam within 1st year # of graduates who passed exam Yearly ASCP Board of Certification pass rate (%) 3-Year average pass rate
2020 19 8 8 100%  
2021 14 7 7 100%  
2022 18 6 6 100% 100%


Placement Rates:

Graduation Year # of Graduates Employ-ment or Continuing Education Student did neither Have no info on student Placement % 3-Year average placement rate
2020 19 16   3 100%  
2021 14 10   4 100%  
2022 18 12   6 100% 100%