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Vaccination Information

For information on COVID-19 vaccines, and where to obtain them, visit SUNY's #KnowYourVax site

SUNY Orange has published its Fall 2021 COVID-19 Response Plan and is preparing to welcome more students and employees back to our campuses this month. The College continues to strive for a safe teaching and learning environment, even as new questions arise regarding the pandemic and the emergence of new variants of the COVID-19 virus. It is important to note that as guidance from our federal, state and local partners evolves, SUNY Orange’s response plan may need to be adjusted.

Message from Dr. Kristine Young

While many COVID restrictions were lifted across New York State this Summer, our local discussions in recent weeks led us to take a conservative approach regarding Fall operations. 

We do know that we’ll have more students and employees on campus in the Fall than we did in the Spring. We also know that over the course of this pandemic our College community has pulled together, adhered to safe practices and kept our case count remarkably low. We’ve proven we can offer academics with integrity in a safe environment for those in-person courses we chosen to host, and I have no doubt we’ll rise to the occasion once again this Fall, even as we welcome more folks back in person.

The SUNY Orange community has faced, and overcome, many hardships since March 2020. We pivoted quickly out of necessity, and then sustained our pandemic response for far longer than we imagined, yet we continued to thrive. During the 2020-21 academic year, we celebrated 801 graduates, named 1,473 students to the Dean’s List, congratulated classmates and colleagues who earned awards from SUNY and other statewide organizations, accepted a transformative $2.94 million Hispanic Serving Institutions (HIS) Title V grant, and forged new articulation agreements to benefit our students. And let’s not forget our many efforts to assure our students were supported, from providing access to funding via the Student Emergency Fund to offering mental health and wellness services.

I’m inspired by our students’ achievements and grit, our employees’ commitment and flexibility, and our College community’s collective teamwork, and I can’t wait to write our next chapter this Fall.

posted Aug. 1 2021


While SUNY Orange looks forward to welcoming visitors back to campus for approved activities in Fall 2021, all indoor spaces will be prioritized for courses and student use. Visitors are broadly defined as individuals who are not employees, credit students, or non-credit students of the College.

In Fall 2021, approved activities of the College are ones that have a defined sponsor and that are clearly fixed in time and space. Examples include but are certainly not limited to: Cultural Affairs public events, admissions appointments and campus tours for prospective students; and external group reservations of a meeting space if sponsored by a specific employee/department. Visitors are permitted on campus for a specific purpose, for a set period of time, and must adhere to the College’s self-screening requirements. All campus visits will be by appointment/registration to facilitate contact tracing should this become necessary.  Employees may also welcome individual visitors to campus to conduct business, such as vendors, professional colleagues, speakers, and similar. All visitors must comply with masking, social distancing, and other campus health and safety protocols.

Indoor visitors to our campuses without a reservation, corresponding event, or sponsoring employee/department cannot be accommodated during the Fall semester. Access to campus libraries, micro-markets and associated dining areas, lounges and public areas shall be accessible only to current SUNY Orange students and employees.

Examples of activities not approved for visitors include, but are not limited to: public library use, use of micro-marts & associated dining areas, use of computer kiosks, use of waiting areas.  Outdoor visitors without a clearly defined activity (walkers, those reading on benches, those waiting for a friend, etc) are welcome.  

If you feel sick and have symptoms of a virus, you should stay home and contact your doctor or healthcare provider. Do not go to your doctor or urgent care without calling first. They can direct you on the proper way to visit their office or how best to address your symptoms at home if they are mild.