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Campus in the Spring

About Us

Cultural Affairs at SUNY Orange presents events which are offered throughout the year.

Programming is diverse and is meant to provide enriching experiences for both the college community and the community-at-large. Inasmuch as SUNY Orange is a community college, the community is invited to participate and avail itself of all programs.

The programs represent the highest professional standards of presentation and performance and, in so doing, maintain the profile of SUNY Orange as the dynamic center of the arts, culture and learning in Orange County.

Cultural Affairs at SUNY Orange offers a broad spectrum of events including:

Exhibits: In Orange Hall -- OH Gallery, OH Gallery Loft, OH Gallery Fringe: one large or concurrent exhibits changing every four to eight weeks, oftenincluding small musical performances during receptions and sometimes related art demonstrations and lectures.

In Kaplan Hall: Mindy Ross Gallery: one exhibit changing every six to ten weeks, often including small musical performances during receptions and sometimes art demonstrations and lectures or discussions. Foyer: Artists of Excellence exhibits running ten to twelve weeks.

Performances: music: classical, jazz, ethnic; theatre: classics, innovative, modern, and new works; Family theatre.

Lectures: history, behavioral science, humanities, art, architecture, music, film, theatre, economics, timely issues.

Special Events: out-of-the-ordinary or major interdisciplinary events.

Master Classes: music, art, theatre, poetry/writing, communication science.

Poetry: plain, thematic, dramatic, and/or with accompaniment.

Films: short festivals, documentary, independent, comedy, science fiction, classic, silent, foreign, topic-themed, with introductions & discussions.