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Movement Sciences

The Movement Sciences Program at SUNY Orange is designed to provide students the opportunities to acquire skills and abilities in a variety of health-related and skill-related activities. In addition, our program prepares students for many types of professional career options. Theory courses such as Basic Exercise Physiology or Intro to Bio-Mechanics of Human Movement are challenging yet essential for most careers in the fitness/wellness field.

The activities courses in our program are moving toward a focus on Wellness, but we are still maintaining many course options in individual and team sports, as well as many Special Interest courses to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. We are striving to provide students access to many of today's Wellness Lifestyle activities; our courses and instructors encourage and foster students appreciation and enjoyment of such activities. Our goal is to give students the experiences and to spark their interest in activities that they can utilize throughout their lives.

Our courses are designed to promote physical skill development as well as increase knowledge in the activity. Two (2) credit hours of physical education activity are required for graduation. All physical education activity classes are .5 credit. It is strongly recommended that four different activities are chosen to meet the graduation requirement in PE, but students are permitted to take .5 credit courses a maximum of twice.

Courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as limited course offerings during both summer sessions at SUNY Orange. Our program is on the move and new courses are being offered all the time.