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President's Cabinet

Meeting Schedule AY 2018-2019 (Remainder)




Weds, April 10

Board Room, Newburgh

9 AM – 11 AM

Weds, May 8

LRC 221, Middletown

9 AM – 11 AM

Thurs., June 13

Board Room, Newburgh

9 AM – 11 AM

Weds, July 10

LRC 221, Middletown

9 AM – 11 AM

Weds, August 14

Great Room, Newburgh

9 AM – 1 PM   

Middletown Meetings - Music Room, Morrison Hall

Newburgh Meetings - Board Room, Tower Building, 5th Floor

Cabinet List

Dr. Kristine M. Young, President

Carol Murray, Executive Assistant to the President

Vice Presidents

  • Gerianne Brusati, VP for Student Services
  • Vinnie Cazzetta, VP for Institutional Advancement
  • Erika Hackman, VP for Academic Affairs
  • Linda Dauer, VP for Administration and Finance

Associate Vice Presidents

  • Stacey Moegenburg, AVP for Liberal Arts
  • Michael Gawronski, Jr., AVP Health Professions
  • Wendy Holmes, AVP Human Resources
  • Madeline Torres-Diaz, AVP Student Engagement and Completion
  • Anne Prial, AVP for Business, Math, Science and Technology
  • Dena Whipple, Interim AVP for Learning and Student Success


  • Mike Albright, Communications Officer
  • Michael Worden, Director Administrative Services
  • Christine Work, Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research Officer
  • Agnes Wagner, Comptroller
  • Michael Tharp, Chief Information Officer
  • Lorraine Lopez-Janove, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Likkia Moody, Director Newburgh Campus
  • Maynard Schmidt, Director Admissions


  • Dawn Ansbro, Exective Director


  • Paul Basinski, President of the College Governance System