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Office of the President

Creating an Environment of Mutual Appreciation of All Individuals

June 1, 2020

College community,

At SUNY Orange, we’ve been resolute in creating an environment in which diversity and inclusion are encouraged, supported, and embraced by all members of our College community, and where we strive to demonstrate our mutual appreciation for all individuals.

Unfortunately, we are all too aware that many of our neighbors and fellow Americans do not enjoy such an inclusive and respectful environment, particularly within the Black community. Too many times already in 2020, news headlines and social media posts have alerted us to this fact: most recently last week with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

I ask that we all take a moment to reflect upon the circumstances both before and after Mr. Floyd’s death.  I ask that we all consider how we can singularly, and jointly, contribute to greater peace, prosperity and equality in our collective communities. When we disagree, we must have previously striven to have done so in atmospheres of civility, respect and trust.

It is up to all of us to direct our anger and pain in a positive manner as we unite to address societal changes and fight the injustices that divide our communities.


Dr. Kristine Young